Meetings/2009-10-20/Agenda/Chair's Report

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Phone calls
  • I received a phone call, and a follow-up email, regarding making share price information available on Wikipedia. I have posted this at the en.wp Village Pump for comments: [1]
Cultural institutes
  • Seddon and myself met with the Victoria and Albert Museum on the 15 October; the meeting focused on planning for the Britain Loves Wikipedia event - both the launch event component and the month-long component. It also talked about various tangents relating to our work with museums.
  • Seddon and myself also met with The National Archives, also on the 15 October. The meeting went very well, with lots of ideas discussed about how we can work together.
  • I will be meeting with the Public Catalogue Foundation and the BBC on the 22 October, to talk about the YourPictures project and potential links between that and Wikimedia
  • Steve V and myself will be meeting with Tate Online at Tate Britain on the 23 October
  • Liam Wyatt and myself will be meeting with the Courtauld Gallery on the 10 November
  • The Mary Rose Trust is interested in a potential content donation thanks to en:User:Peter Isotalo; discussions are ongoing.
Multimedia meeting

I've been accepted to participate in the Multimedia Usability Project Meeting France, 5-8 November