Meetings/2009-10-20/Agenda/Fundraiser Report

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Apologies for the last minute report. I don't have much to report anyway.

  • I got no responses to my request for volunteers. I have tried approaching a few people directly, so far only David Gerard has agreed to help out. He will help with the media interviews I have planned - he has pointed out that doing lots of interviews in difficult to fit in with a full time job, so chances are we will need further volunteers for them. I still need volunteers for the other things that need doing - please do what you can to encourage others to sign up, as will I.
  • I'm holding off on finalising the donation website until we've finalised how things will work with the WMF. The technical side is nearly finished anyway. Writing the text needs to wait until we've worked out what we're going to do with the money - I've made a few comments in response to Andrew's suggestions regarding that and encourage others to do the same.
  • I had planned to put together a timetable, but until I know how many people I have helping out I don't know how long things will take. The WMF is apparently planning to launch at the beginning of November, so I would like to have the website finalised by the end of this month. We probably want to send our first press release out after the WMF's "full launch" on the 7 Nov, so we have a little more time there. We should also send out emails to our mailing list and members and send out a special newsletter and post to our blog. After that, we can start calling round trying to arrange interviews. Then, once we know how things are going we can start thinking about further press releases - I'm not sure if they will be appropriate or not.

--Tango 14:10, 20 October 2009 (UTC)