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After several delays and one false start, the fundraiser got underway, with the chapter text/button in place, at about 1am on Friday. For the first 24 hours or so there were some technical problems that meant some people in the UK would not have seen our text/button, that is now resolved.

  • Total donations actually received: £766.00 (as of 0246 Tuesday)
  • Number of donations actually received: 42 (as of 0246 Tuesday)

Those numbers include 3 test donations of £1 each. They also include one donation of £100. That donor has been personally thanked by TH. Those numbers do not include donations where the donor has indicated they will pay later (by cheque, bank transfer, etc.).

We have also received received 4 membership applications, all paying later. One has contacted me by email for bank transfer details and has been sent them. I have also sent those details to someone wishing to donate £5 who had not previously gone through the donation website.

I have also emailed several people that attempted to donate through paypal, but didn't complete the process (one of them 3 times). I have suggested they send us a cheque (and have given them those details) or email me for help with donating another way. One of those people has since tried again, unsuccessfully, to donate by paypal (I haven't received any emails from them), so those emails have already had some kind of response.

We have also received large numbers of "pay later" donations, many of which are for millions and billions of pounds. Those that appear more likely to be genuine will receive emails from me in a few days if we haven't received cheques or emails from them.

Executive summary: We are well underway and things are going well.

--Tango 02:53, 17 November 2009 (UTC)