Meetings/2009-12-29/Agenda/Chair's Report

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  • MP to investigate moving our wiki at to subject to technical feasibility re Single User Logins and hosting, with as a potential alternative. Once this has been completed, MP to follow up with Wikimedia Ukraine regarding the "uk." website conflict. Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • MP to register Yes check.svg Done
  • MP agreed to arrange CRB checks for board members and Schools Project volunteers. (update: MP will look into the recent legislative changes to see if that changes our position) Symbol wait.svg Doing... - see below
  • MP agreed to investigate moving our OTRS system to one hosted by ourselves to reduce the risk that confidential emails are inappropriately viewed by non-WMUK people or emails are sent in the name of the chapter without approval.Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP agreed to follow up with the foundation his request for detailed statistics on the proportion of UK internet users who use WikipediaGo-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • AT and MP to negotiate the Chapter Fundraising Agreement with the FoundationDialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • MP will send out the agreed wikinews press release when the story next flares up (Sunday evening was suggested as generally a good time) Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP volunteered to follow up the photo donation opportunity Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
Phone calls
  • Received 2: one regarding image reuse from Wikipedia, one with concerns over a BLP (explained WP; directed to talk page + appropriate email address)
Britain Loves Wikipedia
  • Currently over 14 museums interested; total of 6 confirmed. Confidential information here (board-only)
  • Coverage by Museums Galleries Scotland
  • Meeting with the MLA and CollectionsTrust on the 8th January - approval of funding for travel for me (£52) + Seddon (~£60)? Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
Press releases
CRB Checks

The appropriate part of the change is "Individuals who go into different schools or similar settings to work with different groups of children should not be required to register unless their contact with the same children is frequent or intensive" [1] which is a recommendation made to CRB in a report, which has been accepted by them. This would cover the Schools Project work, such that we would not need to obtain CRB checks. This has been confirmed with the CRB by phone; we are fine doing this project without CRB checks if we are going into different schools each time; if we repeatedly go to the same school then we would need a CRB check however. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss

List 99 etc. are being merged into ISA, which becomes compulsory for certain activities in November 2010. The same terms appear to apply to this too ("frequent" - once a month or more, and "intensive" - 3 times or more in a 30-day period); it is not clear whether this refers only to the _same_ children or any children. See [2] for more information. However, I also checked this with the CRB and the same applies as for CRB checks.

Fundraising agreement