Meetings/2009-12-29/Agenda/Corporate Report

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  • JS to REVIEW and send on a final email for the Open Knowledge Foundation mailing list, to recruit new members. SV agreed to help JS in its drafting. (not seen as of 29/12/) X mark.svg Cancelled
  • SV to write a December Newsletter X mark.svg Cancelled

1) Pre-Xmas call with Deputy Director of Bristol Museum confirmed strong interest in participation of all five museums in Britain Loves Wikipedia. Follow up e-mail needs to take place for the return of this Dep Director from holiday (not sent yet due to SV sickness)

2) Meeting - Bristol Old Vic Theatre (one of UK's oldest theatre's) - VERY interested in exploring ways to work closely with us. BOV is also a charity with a strong educational component to its objectives and wants to work with us to see how it can give us content under open copyright terms - suggested 1st step (it hands over material up to an including 1923 for the Britain Loves Wikipedia event) - follow up meeting to discuss how the relationship might evolve in early January. Meeting set to take place on 5 January. BOV is interested in donating its sound archive (dates from 1950's) and many other things. This second meeting will start to measure what is practical and possible in terms of initial steps. I am also hoping they confirm we could add their name to the list as a supporter of Britain Loves Wikipedia - and they could hand us a donation publicly for that event or collaborate in some other way (eg: photographically allowing access to the BOV)

3) Emailed a gentleman by the Kayse Maxamed who is a senior community leader in Bristol for the Somali community. He is also a leading light in its English language/Somali online newspaper called Somali Voice that is written ande published in Bristol. This conversation (when it takes place) will be about how Bristol City Council currently uses its budget to train disadvantaged Somali's in a way that helps them integrate better into the community. One suggestion I wish to make is that it falls under our Educational Schools Project wing - and that we could train the trainers in usage of Wikipedia. Then, they could call in to play English-to-Somali skills that the community possess to translate text for us into much needed African language copy. This is all about people who live in England learning about and using our projects and promoting social inclusion so although it may not appeal to Daily Mail readers I believe it is very much in line with what we could and should consider doing

I accept this is an unusual and slightly radical direction for the Schools Project to take - but if there is a willing audience and it promotes our projects and sets about laying the foundation for some educational social integration it cannot be all bad, can it? Please can the Board take a view and advise me before I pursue this further. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss

4) Also in touch with a contact at a new online publication called Bristol 24/7 - it is (so I have heard) seeking to tie politicos to a 'Manifesto for Bristol' and is looking to promote good causes, projects and ideas that can benefit people locally. I was wondering what you'd all think about seeing if there was some way to sneak in our Schools Project here too - and if the Somali idea above was liked by the Board - that as well

Again - as I have no voice (literally) I have not followed this up and want your Board views first Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss