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  • JS to REVIEW and send on a final email for the Open Knowledge Foundation mailing list, to recruit new members. SV agreed to help JS in its drafting. (not seen as of 19/01/10)

Bristol Old Vic Theatre Old Vic - are really excited about the possibilities of working with us. There is another element in the equation though. The University of Bristol is a place where the Old Vic deposit their archives. It seems that when the national theatre archives at Covent Garden shut down - the collection was split between two sites (one in Bristol University). So the Bristol University site is sitting on archives from (I think) hundreds of theatres from all over the country, including the collection from Bristol Old Vic.

The Bristol University team have as a mission the slow process of digitising and placing online this cultural treasure trove (that includes the Bristol Old Vic Theatre archives).

Next steps - We discussed a further meeting (this time with the Bristol University archive people present) so we can find out more about what it is they are actually doing and see if there is any way we could find an avenue of cooperation that would enable us to get our hands on copyright free content for (in the main) Wikimedia Commons.


Introduced myself to Richard Edwards and CEO Harriet Nimmo. They have my contact details now and intend to try and fix up an exploratory meeting soon to discuss possibilities. I am not trying to jump over any process, just be a facilitator to make it happen. I can be eyes and ears and get the dialogue underway and come back to you all with a summary of what the next steps are.

BBC 'again' Met with Cyrus Saihan (Senior Manager Business Development - Future Media) on the recommendations of Andy Corp of BBC Bristol. BBC (London) Future Media team have been having discussions about how best to work with Wikimedia. Explained all our projects, talked a little bit about broader educational aims and other things we've done(Learning Lunches). BBC are very interested - I have a promise that Cyrus will come back with some concrete next steps next week. One possibility is an all-dayer with WM UK to discuss and brainstorm cooperation ideas.

They got back to me today and said they are launching a big ARKIVE project (Feb 3 & Feb 10) in UK and USA respectively. They'd be happy to meet up on Feb 19th - they have delegated the secretary to fix up a time with me

Bristol Museums

Although I had a press Xmas call where the Deputy Head of the five museums (all run by Bristol City Council) agreed that she'd be interested in participating, absolutely nothing has happened since then. I have re-approached and am now being pushed off to the second or third different person in a chain of people - so I have repeat everything again and again and resend material repeatedly. It is seriously frustrating and I very much doubt that the people organising this on the Museums side will be able to be involved.

Spoke to them again today and will see if there is a response that might give us some idea as to what they are now thinking

Using Wikipedia to help educate and train the ethnic community in Bristol - Somali's

Spoke to a senior person at the Somali Voice paper (Kayse Maxamed) and have fixed up a meeting to explore and disuss possibilities. Thi meeting is for Thursday or this week with an open agenda.

Keynote speaker at a major digital event in Bristol

Open, Green & Social - 3 Words to Shape Bristol's Digital Future! (MID MARCH)

Bristol is an unorthodox city. We like to take a different tack. This is certainly true when it comes to ICT. The city's is home to businesses, public bodies and community groups who are leading the way in open source and energy efficient uses of technology and who are exploiting the power of social media to engage the city's communities in greener, smarter, more collaborative and open ways of achieving success.

Through a mix of inspiring presentations, live theatre and video case studies, this FREE event aims to celebrate Open, Green and Social as 3 words/ideas/principals that can continue to shape the Digital Future of Bristol... placing Bristol's public bodies, businesses and communities outside but also ahead of the crowd.

BRRISM - social media club - Wikipedia speaker

Due on 17th February - topic and structure flexible - but a brief overview rather than a full presentations - with us leading delegates into QA - perhaps we could revolve it around the concept of the Freemium Economy - as per Andrew T's last presentation with me at Kaizo?