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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 4 May 2010.
This page is kept as an archival reference.
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Wikimedia UK Board meeting Saturday 24th April 2010, 6:30pm BST in person

Present: Andrew Turvey (AT) (Chair); Mike Peel (MP); Tom Dalton (TD); Steve Virgin (SV)

Absent: Joseph Seddon (JS)

Apologies for absence[edit | edit source]

JS was unable to make the meeting due to travel difficulties

Approval of agenda[edit | edit source]

The agenda was not approved, but it was followed anyway.

Noting the election of the new Board[edit | edit source]

The election was noted. AT mentioned that the tellersatwikimedia.org.uk had been faulty for part of the election. He has discussed with the tellers the risk that voters placed a vote when it wasn't working and the vote wasn't counted. The tellers said that they had acknowledged every vote and no-one had emailed to say their vote had not been acknowledged. The only different outcome could have arisen would be if the bottom two candidates had failed to reach 50%. It was agreed to accept the result as it was announced.

Vote of thanks to outgoing board members[edit | edit source]

A vote of thanks was offered to outgoing board members. It was agreed to send them a small gift in thanks for their service, as well as a small gift to the tellers and speakers, from WMUK funds.

What Board positions to have, and elections to those positions[edit | edit source]

  • AT was unanimously elected to Chair
  • MP was unanimously elected to Secretary
  • TD was unanimously elected to Treasurer
  • SV and JS were appointed as Directors, with no fixed title.

All to write down their envisaged role descriptions


Handover and items in progress from outgoing Board[edit | edit source]

Not covered, due to the overlap between the previous and new board.

General review with outgoing board of what went well during their tenure and what to improve on[edit | edit source]

Not covered due to a lack of time.

Transfer of authority to new board[edit | edit source]

Location of Registered Office[edit | edit source]

It was agreed that the registered office would remain at 23 Cartwright Way.

General authority per section 82, Charities Act 1993[edit | edit source]

Not covered.

Bank account signatories[edit | edit source]

It was agreed to update these to TH and AT, as well as MP.


Transfer of administration of Wikimedia website, mailing lists, Twitter account, email addresses, ...[edit | edit source]

On the whole these remain the same. It was agreed to add MP to help administrate the wikimediauk-l mailing list.


Access to Wikimedia internal wiki and mailing list[edit | edit source]

These need to be updated to reflect the new board. Also the chapters mailing list.

Frequency and format of future board meetings[edit | edit source]

It was decided to hold future meetings monthly, with a duration of 3 hours, via Skype. Content for discussion at board meetings should be set out clearly and discussed before the meeting, and email decisions should be made where possible.

Ongoing projects[edit | edit source]

Not covered.

Planned projects and activities (inc. 2010 Budget)[edit | edit source]

Not covered.

Office Manager[edit | edit source]

Not covered.

Backstage Pass[edit | edit source]

Not covered.

General discussion about plans and visions for the next year and further[edit | edit source]

Not covered.

Any Other Business[edit | edit source]

Steve brought up an issue with regards an initiative/content release/schools project. It was agreed that further discussion on this should be by email, preferably to the wikimediauk-l list.

It was agreed to produce new business cards for AT, MP, TH, SV, as well as more general information cards (2x200, sent to different people?)

Action AT

Date, time and venue of next meeting[edit | edit source]

4 May 2010, 7.30-10.30pm BST, by Skype.