Meetings/2010-06-08/Agenda/Chair's Report

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  • TD, AT, MP: Update bank account signatories - a/w TD
  • Order new business cards for AT, MP, TD, SV, LW plus general information cards
  • AT & MP to talk offline about communications strategy
  • AT to send around a more concise job description / responsibilities list for his job/role
  • AT to send SV notes from telephone conversation about SV's role.
  • AT, TD, MP to put together details for microgrants process for next meeting.
  • JS, AT to draw up a proposal/plan for an advisory board. Need to have a clear idea of how the advisory board will be used.

Priorities[edit | edit source]

  1. Fundraising Conference
    1. Participated in Friday's discussions
    2. Discussed and agreed an aproach for the evening events with Steve, Tom, Seddon and Mike
    3. Helped promote [[Bristol's first wikimeet
    4. Gave the welcome on Friday evening
    5. Discussed possibility of Bristol Wikipedia Academy with Somali community leaders, UWE
  2. Charity application
  3. Toolserver Association Working Group
    1. Wrote to Pavel with our decision to be on the working group
  4. BLW prizes
  5. Outstanding minutes/actions
  6. Staff
  7. Member Communications
  8. Microgrants
  9. Advisory Board
  10. Agenda