Meetings/2010-06-08/Agenda/Secretary's Report

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  • TD, AT, MP: Update bank account signatories Symbol wait.svg Doing... (awaiting Tango)
  • AT & MP to talk offline about communications strategy. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP to put AT's email on to the wiki along with the minutes. Yes check.svg Done
  • AT, TD, MP to put together details for microgrants process for next meeting. Yes check.svg Done
  • MP: change Steve's emails to mediafocusuk rather than blueyonder Yes check.svg Done
To discuss
Tasks done
  • Have requested an update to the accounts that have access to the OTRS queue, so that Tango has access and Zeyi, cfp and Paul have access removed. Update has been carried out.
  • OTRS queue is now (8 June 2010) empty
  • New phone purchased; expense claim sent to Tango
  • Website moved to new host
  • Cost for Backstage Pass lunches was £140.84; expense claim in progress
Tasks in progress
  • Britain Loves Wikipedia - final photograph uploads (only 5 remaining, from Segedunum); blog post
  • Requesting changing the default interface for this site to Vector
Britain Loves Wikipedia evaluation

Dear XX,

Thank you for participating in Britain Loves Wikipedia this year. As a quick update: most of the photographs are now on Wikimedia Commons, and our judges (Nadia Arbach from the V&A, Andrew Turvey from Wikimedia UK, and Lise Broer from Wikimedia Commons) are currently picking out the winning photographs. You can find the photographs on Wikimedia Commons at:

We (Wikimedia UK) are currently contemplating whether to run the event again next year, and we would greatly appreciate your views on how this year's event went and how it could be improved. Would you be able to answer the following questions, or alternatively let us know your thoughts in a more free-form fashion?

  • What did you think went well this year?
  • What could have been improved?
  • Did you publicize the event within your museum, and if so what response did it receive?
  • Did you publicize the event externally, and if so what response did it receive?
  • What did you think of the website ( - e.g. general design, upload system, approval system? What could have been done better?
  • If the event runs again next year, would you be interested in participating again?
  • If yes: what support materials would you find useful during the event?
  • Do you have any other comments / suggestions about the event?

Thanks, Mike Peel Wikimedia UK