Meetings/2010-06-08/Agenda/Seddon's Report

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Actions[edit | edit source]

  • JS, AT to draw up a proposal/plan for an advisory board. Need to have a clear idea of how the advisory board will be used.
  • JS to arrange access to GLAM-PLAN wiki for board members that don't have it.

Activity[edit | edit source]

  • June 4 - British Museum Backstage pass
  • June 7 - Attended Liam Wyatt's seminars at JISC

Planned Activity for June[edit | edit source]

Manchester Tourist Board
  • Purpose: To discuss 2013 Wikimania Bid
British Library
  • Purpose: To establish a relationship with the BL
  • Purpose: To discuss the Schools Wikipedia project and establishing a closer relationship with the charity to allow us to learn from there model of operation.
Collections Trust
  • Purpose: To discuss support of GLAM WIKI 2010
National Archives
  • Purpose: Discuss backstage pass style event. Will hopefully get Liam Wyatt to attend.
Culture 24