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  • SV to write role description.

Role Description[edit | edit source]

1) Organise corporate or private sponsorship for Wikimedia UK events - recent example HP Labs sponsored 3 day Wikimedia Global Fund Raising Event in Bristol - May 14-16, 2010

2) Seeking to promote the goals, values and aspirations of the Wikimedia community

3) Looking to explore ways to engage with as wide an audience as possible - possible vehicles would include speaking engagements, presentations, panel discussions and opinion leading articles

4) Aiming to promote Open Source, Open Rights and Open Data, whenever possible in companies, charities and the public sector in the UK

5) Seeking to show the donor and volunteer communities the benefits of adopting a freemium strategy - give up a little content to the Wikimedia projects and see hits to your website shoot upwards as you gain access to an audience of 345m (fifth biggest in the world)