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To support a Wikimedia UK 'birthday party', to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the chapter, and the anniversary of the chapter obtaining charity status. The party would aim to bring the community together in a real-life setting, and promote the chapter to people who are not already involved. No money would be spent on alcohol, instead being spent on token refreshments (eg a birthday cake), and possibly room hire at the pub.



  • £70-£80 on a cake
  • £20-£30 on decorations and banners
  • £40-£50 on nibbles e.g. Crisps,chocolates, nuts and finger food.

This project would be finished by the end of November, with all payments having been made through then.

Expected outcomes

This event will enable Wikimedia UK to recognise the progress over the last 4 years . It will also be a chance to thank volunteers which have worked very hard for Wikimedia UK. This event will ensure Wikimedia UK show appreciation of the help we get and how much we value all the volunteers. Overall, keep the Wikimedian community happy and motivate everyone to keep up the good work.

Who I am

The Wikimedian community, as the party is being organised for everyone to join in. The main contact for any arrangements will be:

  • Hasina (Wikimedia events Intern)
  • Email: hasina.khatunatwikimedia.org.uk
  • Phone: 0207 065 0994

Hi Hasina. Thanks for putting this together - I'm happy to approve the microgrant for this. I note that the cake will probably cost somewhat less than you expect, but the nibbles will probably cost more (since they'll probably have to be provided by the pub), but hopefully it will all balance out within the £150 budget. Thanks. Mike Peel (talk) 19:54, 11 October 2012 (UTC)