Minutes 2012-05-08

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These minutes were approved at the Board meeting on 30 June 2012.

(discussion about QRpedia released from confidential minutes 24/1/2014)

Minutes of the Board meeting on Tuesday 8 May 2012, held by teleconference.


  • Fæ [Fæ] (Chair)
  • Richard Symonds [RS] (Minutes - lead)
  • Mike Peel [MP] (Minutes - support)
  • Roger Bamkin [RB]
  • Steve Virgin [SV]

The meeting started at 7.50pm. Items were discussed out of order, however they have been recorded in the order they were included on the agenda.

Minutes and Reports

Apologies for absence

Jon Davies, Chris Keating and Andrew Turvey sent their apologies. Martin Poulter did not join the call.

Review of meetings and approval of Minutes

Minutes 27Mar12

This was not covered in the meeting; it will be reviewed at a future meeting.

Review email decisions


(1 May) Decision to offer support to the London Wikimania 2013 bid, as follows:

WMUK would be able to:
  1. Offer a mailing address and mail centre for communications.
  2. Meeting rooms for organising meetings
  3. In agreement with the Foundation shared stationery such as business cards
  4. Liaison between the office and volunteers of WMUK throughout the organising period
  5. Financial systems and controls.

There was a discussion about the outcomes of the Wikimania 2013 bidding. Given than planning has started for a Wikimania 2014 UK bid, MP is keen that the community set out what support they would like the chapter to provide. Fae agrees with MP, and also believes that the chapter should take more of a lead this time around, to help facilitate decisions by the community.

Membership approval

This was not quite decided upon by email prior to the start of this meeting. The currently pending membership applications were approved.

Trustee Code of Conduct

The email decision had not yet been completed. Following a discussion, the Code of Conduct was agreed with minor changes (implemented during the meeting).

ACTION: RS to tell candidates that they are expected to sign up to the Trustee Code of Conduct.

Actions and reports

These were quickly run through.

One topic that was discussed in particular is that Stevie Benton is in discussions with several companies, along with Steve Virgin, about procuring access to a professional curated press list setup. Ideally we would like open-source solution, and we are still negotiating on cost. MP says that this is a good idea, and we should probably aim for a free trial first, whilst developing our internal systems for contacting media.

Discussions and decisions needed (21:00-22:20)

Outstanding issues for WikiConference UK 2012 & AGM

The few last outstanding issues were discussed.

ACTION: RS and JD to ensure that the transfer of financial control from the current Board to the new one happens smoothly after the AGM, and that the change of signatures forms are completed at the board meeting immediately after the AGM.


There was discussion about this following a meeting between Fæ, Jon and Roger the previous week, with progress but still unresolved issues. MP raised issues that he had with the amount of charitable effort that has gone into advertising QRPedia.org. Fae said that he does not see that this is an issue, as any commercial use of QRPedia will support Wikipedia: MP disagreed - he does not want QRpedia.org used for non-Wikipedia, non-charitable projects, as there is too much of a crossover into purely commercial projects. MP wants, ideally, one site run by RB and TE ('Multilingual QR Codes Ltd', 'qr.org' or the like), one site run by Wikimedia UK - qrwp.org, and a joint project between the two (QRPedia).


Approval of transfer of digitisation funds to National Archives

ACTION: Fæ to confirm with the National Archive that, in order to pay the invoice, we need to have a copy of the images and the agreement releasing the images under a free license, but that uploading them prior to paying the invoice is not necessary.


There was renewed discussion about Monmouthpedia, and how the 'Monmouthpedia' logo might be used by various organisations - the Wikipedia logo is of course owned by the WMF and is subject to a separate agreement between Monmouth County Council and the WMF. Fae agreed to help RB with discussions that RB will be having with MCC next week.

The meeting drew to a close at 8.50pm.