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Wikimedia UK Newsletter
May 2009 Issue
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Summary: Whilst our application to HMRC has not yet been successful, we're after your views on the proposed New Chapters' Agreement, your suggestions for a Wikimedia UK conference next year and your ideas for initiatives to start! We also bring you updates on Wikipedia Loves Art, Other Chapters' Activities, Meet-ups and Press coverage.

In this month's newsletter:

  1. HMRC Application Status
  2. New Chapters' Agreement
  3. Wikimania 2010 (and beyond!)
  4. Initiatives
  5. Wikipedia Loves Art
  6. Other Chapters' Activities
  7. Meet-ups
  8. Press coverage

HMRC Application Status

As you are probably already aware, the UK Tax Authorities have rejected our application to be recognised as a charity for tax purposes, arguing that the production of an encyclopedia does not consist of "promoting education". The Board continue to believe that our purposes are charitable and are looking into ways of appealing this decision. We are currently in the process of drafting and sending a letter of appeal to the HMRC, along with seeking legal advice.

New Chapters' Agreement

The Wikimedia Foundation has released the latest version of the Chapters' Agreement, which binds all chapters of the WMF. The new version includes many changes, and WMUK wants to hear what it's membership thinks of the changes! Got any comments or ideas for the agreement? Let the Board know by emailing or the mailing list (wikimediauk-l), and we will put together a response not only from the Board, but the community at large!

Wikimania 2010 (and beyond!)

Unfortunately the UK wasn't successful in our bid to bring the 2010 Wikimania Conference to Oxford. Wikimania 2010 will be held in Gdansk, Poland and we hope that as many UK participants will be able to attend and support the conference. The chapter sends its thanks out to all those volunteers who helped in creating the bid. Despite this, the chapter has already made a name for itself having been approached by the Greater Manchester Tourist Board in supporting a future Wikimania Bid and any conferences that we may wish to hold within Manchester.

Currently our goal is the running of a Wikimedia UK conference next year in conjuntion with our AGM. The location for the 2010 AGM has not been set, and members are invited to send in suggestions for where they believe would be able to host such a conference. For more information, or if you have any ideas for WMUK's involvement in conferences or wish to help out with any of the above contact our Conferences Director at


Wikimedia UK is currently soliciting ideas for Initiatives for the chapter to pursue! Under the helm of our new Initiatives Director, Zeyi He, we are looking to develop and take forward as many initiatives as we can - and we need your input and assistance in making as many of these work as possible. The Board is looking at a minimum of 3 completed initiatives before the next AGM - so if you have any ideas, you can either list them on the Ideas page, develop them on the Proposals page, or contact our Initiatives Director at!

Wikipedia Loves Art

The chapter supported the "Wikipedia Loves Art" photography contest in February and since then the participating museums have been hard at work checking each photograph for compliance with the copyright rules and awarding bonus points for particularly good images. They have now started to announce winners and we hope to be able to announce the winners from the Victoria & Albert museum shortly.

Other Chapters' Activities

A mailing list has been started for Wikimedians in Ireland. Additionally, several events have been or will be held in conjunction with museums - at the start of May WM Argentina held Wikipedia invade el Museo de La Plata, and next month the Netherlands chapter, Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland, will be running Wiki Loves Art.


London 21 - 17th May 2009

See Wikipedia's Page on London 21 for more information on the topics discussed!

Upcoming UK Meetups

Press coverage

A few highlights of press coverage this month: an Irish student's Wikipedia hoax duped newspapers into circulating a fake quote (AFP), and en:User:Stifle participated in a live radio debate on NewsTalk Radio (Ireland) on the 9 May.