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Basic information[edit | edit source]

Project Title (If applicable)
The Africa Destubathon (October 15 - November 27 2016)
Proposed by

Dr. Blofeld and Fsmatovu (who supports this)

Are you currently a member of Wikimedia UK?

Project description[edit | edit source]

Briefly describe the issue or problem that motivates this application. What needs are you meeting?
For Saturday October 15-Sunday November 27, a "Destubbing" contest to cover the entirety of Africa aimed solely at reducing our number of stubs. A tremendous amount of work needs doing and Africa would really benefit from having articles fleshed out and stub tags removed. I think the best thing would be to launch an initial general improvement drive, and hopefully gain more support and trust for this from within Africa. We're hoping to secure funding for the general part of the contest from the main foundation, but would like WMUK to help be a part of it and chip in to one of the prizes.
Describe project activities. What will you use the funding to do?
The funding requested is c. £232 ($300) will go towards Amazon voucher prizes for the five most productive editors in the month who "destub" the most geographical and wildlife articles.
  • Roughly $30 (£18) Amazon prize for the person who reviews the most Good Articles.
- should be near £250 on the nose I think, depending on the rate of the day ;-).
Describe your plan for evaluating this project. How will you measure success? What types of things will you measure (e.g. content, participants)?
The contest would compliment The African 10,000 Challenge and Wiki Loves Women causes, so potentially several hundred articles from anywhere in Africa get destubbed and improved. Wildlife and geography articles badly need basic improvement work.
Identify key people involved in this project. How will or could the wider Wikimedian community be involved?
Dr. Blofeld and Fsmatovu. We will invite all African contributors to participate in the editathon.
If applicable, identify partnering organisations for this project (not essential)

If you feel that there is more information that could be for example resources needed, how successes can be measured, and how it fits in with the aims of Wikimedia and Wikimedia UK. Please note that these answers don't have to be definite now, and can be expanded on in conversation with the programme team.

What targets have you set? What will you measure?
We're aiming for a few hundred articles ot be "destubbed" during the month.
What contribution will the project make to our strategic goals?
Improving the quality of the encyclopedia in a poorly developed region of the world overall.
Who will be recording/measuring the project metrics, and writing up a project report?
Hopefully Karla Marte!
What staff support is being requested?
None, just grant approval ;-)
How can you get other volunteers involved? What roles could they have?
Invite them to participate and enjoy the drive.
What meeting or other space is needed?
It will be organized around [1]
Are other resources needed (such as computers, books, camera equipment, food, contacts, infrastructure)? How will they be sourced?
If any partner organisations have been identified, have they been contacted and are they committed?
Does this project require more extensive funding? What would any WMUK funds be used for?
No, just prize money.
Are external funds needed that we can apply for? If so where will they be sought?

Approval[edit source]

The budget holder has approved this grant; feedback sent by email.

Richard Nevell (WMUK) (talk) 11:33, 12 October 2016 (BST)

Final Report[edit | edit source]

The final report for this grant can be found here: [2]