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Education Committee report - written by Charles Matthews and Daria Cybulska

During the last three months, the committee has meet twice: on 14 January 2014 and on 25th February 2014. Below is the summary of the points being discussed during the meetings.

  1. Comments on the strategy plan will be submitted by the deadline.
    1. Work is ongoing on Education strategy, and the best way to formulate this and relate it to activity priorities.
  2. Coordination with Wikimania is ongoing - we have discussed the 'Future of Education' track at the 25th February meeting and how the committee can support.
  3. The JISC Ambassadorship is ongoing.
  4. The plan to release the VLE by the end of March is on track on both the technical and content sides. There are several related discussions (other uses of Moodle, Wikisoba=Moodle-lite).
  5. EduWiki 2014 is being lead by Toni Sant and will be brought to the committee's attention as needed
  6. It has been noted that there is no developed secondary schools policy, and we have an approach via Duke of Edinburgh Awards to explore possibilities.