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Wikimedia freebies at a Cambridge University event.

Wikimedia UK is keen to support student societies towards a better understanding and improvement of Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Running a student society expands your social circle, gives you good reason to bring people together for a drink and a chat, and looks good on your CV. If you have some knowledge of how Wikipedia works, you can share it with other people while deepening your own understanding.

If you register a new Wikimedia student society before 30 June 2014, you will be invited to present your plans for the coming academic year at the EduWiki Conference 2014.

Scholarship opportunities will also be available to enable some officers of established UK-based student societies to attend EduWiki 2014 and share the most exciting plans for 2014/15.

How can Wikimedia UK help you?[edit]

Campus Ambassador explains how to edit Wikipedia.
  • We can support a launch event by putting a small amount of money towards room costs, speaker costs, and/or food.
  • We have freebies (Wikipedia mugs, stickers, pens, and so on) for you to give out at events.
  • We can help pay for stalls/stands at freshers' fairs, which we may also be able to help run when invited in by an established student society.
  • If you want a speaker, or someone to help run a training session, our membership includes many experienced Wikimedia contributors who are also experienced presenters.
  • We have contacts in galleries, libraries, archives and museums who are keen to help educational projects and can arrange "backstage passes", giving you access to documents or artefacts not normally on public display.
  • If we make contact with other people in your institution or your area, we can put them in touch with you.

All requests for support need to be arranged with the office in good time ahead of events.

Registering a student society[edit]

In order to qualify for support from WMUK, you need to have a group of at least three students at your university or college, all of whom are willing to share their full names and university email addresses with us, and one of whom is nominated as the lead. You are responsible for:

  • Finding out the rules about student societies in your institution, and getting the society registered.
  • Arranging and publicising an initial meeting (and subsequent events), through posters, social networks and whatever other methods you can handle.

If you already have group together, please contact or WMUK's Education Organiser

Active student societies[edit]

These are the student societies currently supported by Wikimedia UK:

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