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No election this year[edit source]

This isn't exactly a resolution for this year, but is an idea for changing the Articles of Association, perhaps from next year onwards, to take effect at the next AGM.

From the Articles: 16.3 If more than four Elected Directors are appointed at an Annual General Meeting, the number appointed in excess of four shall be required to retire at the second Annual General Meeting from their appointment.

When we passed this article in 2015 the driving factor was to reduce director churn. But there were discussions at the time that this change could lead to there only being elections every 2 of 3 years if nobody steps down early. This year we have the first instance of an election-less year happening.

I wonder if we should move to a slightly different scheme, whereby say N seats are to be elected at an AGM:

  • If N <= 3 then every successful candidate serves 3 years;
  • If 3 < N <= 5 then the top 3 candidates serve 3 years and the remaining candidates serve 2 years;
  • If N > 5 then the top 3 candidates serve 3 years; the next two high-ranking candidates serve 2 years; and the remaining candidates serve 1 year...?

That would ensure that the membership gets to reconfirm or replace at least one member of the board every year, and 2-3 members of the board in most years where there aren't many early resignations.

--Deryck Chan (talk) 19:43, 22 June 2018 (BST)

Before changing thing, perhaps we need to go back a step: is having a year without elections a bad thing? What are the pros and cons and is it worth quantifying them before putting anything forward? Richard Nevell (talk) 20:55, 22 June 2018 (BST)