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Richard Nevell
Volunteer and archaeologist, Wikimedia UK
Richard Nevell


I worked for Wikimedia UK from 2012 to January 2018, before moving to English Heritage (if you were wondering, I'm researching Orford and Pevensey castle). Having observed WMUK from afar since about 2011, I became a member in 2013. I typically write about castles or medieval history on Wikipedia. I am also a trustee of the Castle Studies Trust, a small charity which funds research into castles. I recently completed a PhD on the archaeology of castles. You may notice a recurring a theme.

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My work

While I was a member of staff, I made edits to this wiki from User:Richard Nevell (WMUK).

I am an Accredited Wikimedia UK trainer. My accreditations are:

  • Technical (Full).
  • Institutions (Full).
  • Members (Supporting).

If you would like me to run or attend a training event, please feel free to contact me using the information on this page.

Contact me

@RichardNevell on Twitter