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Board term

Explanation from Tango (who wrote the text):

The resolution is really confusing because the articles can't rely on anything in the election rules. In reality, it's very simple.

There are 7 seats on the board. This year, they all have to resign. We have an election using approval voting, as usual (which should take place after the vote on the motion, so that people know what they are voting for, although it's not strictly required). You then need to order the candidates by number of yes votes. Whereas without this motion, the top 7 would be elected for one year, with it the top 4 get elected for 2 years and the next 3 get elected for 1 year.

In future years, some people will be required to resign and others will resign by choice. That will leave a number of seats empty. If that number is 4 or fewer, they will all be filled for 2 years. If it is more than 4, then 4 are filled for 2 years and the rest are filled for 1.

Thanks. Mike Peel (talk) 13:20, 12 April 2012 (UTC)