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  • The first few paragraphs discuss media files, but media is not defined. Later, only images are discussed. It may be helpful to mention that the Commons includes sound, video, and graphics, as well as photographic images, although the last category dominates (by a large margin?).
  • Mention the use of Commons media by the more than 270 sister projects.[1] [2]
  • "Wikimedia Commons is the largest free media repository on the internet" should be the second sentence or part of the lede sentence.

Wikimedia Commons, the largest free media repository on the Internet, reached the 5 million media files milestone today. Created just five years ago, in September 2004, as a common repository of images as multiple versions of Wikipedia proliferated, it has grown to include video, animation, sound, and graphics files. Today, it is used by Wikipedias in over 270 languages as well as Wiktonaries (dictionaries), Wikibooks (textbooks), and other projects in multiple languages. With all content freely licensed, media from Commons are used by other individuals and groups including bloggers and news, education, and commercial organizations. The repository is the product of an international collaboration of over 800,000 volunteers, 20,000 of whom are currently active.

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I've integrated this into the text; thanks! Mike Peel 08:23, 2 September 2009 (UTC)


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