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WMUK support for running a Wikimania[edit source]

I would also add to the list that WMUK needs to have sufficient resources available to support a conference running at that time. I would expect us to be committing somewhere around 1-2 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) to ensure that the conference happens without problems. Things that we will need to do include:

  • Managing the funds - receiving sponsorship money, paying expenses and invoices
  • Keeping track of what has been done, and what remains to be done, to ensure that there are no oversights/things missing
  • Provide letters to support visa applications
  • Potentially contracting a Conference Organiser and/or a Program Organiser for periods between 1-6 months, so that the critical people can focus 100% of their time on Wikimania
  • Providing PR support - ensuring that the conference is well-covered by the media in the months running up to the conference; that journalists will be present at the conference to cover it; that interview schedules for people like Jimmy/Sue/Wikimedia trustees are arranged. Mike Peel

Criteria - expand point 5[edit source]

I think that point five needs some expansion, otherwise we could be choosing between venues whilst giving little weight to several important criteria.

Having accommodation, venue and pubs/restaurants cafes all within easy walk of each other, and excellent International transport links are among the essentials that will go down well with the wikimania jury.

I'd also add the need for local knowledge, in fact i'd be tempted to rule out any venue where we didn't have someone from that town on the bid committee.

By contrast I don't see it as essential that we get a tie up with an Academic institution, and even GLAMs are nice to have adjuncts to Wikimania. It would be good to have GLAM participation, and brilliant to have some backstage passes and editathons in the days before and after Wikimania. But those don't need to be in the same city as the venue as we are unlikely to have more than a few percent overlap between them. In fact I'm not convinced that either a backstage pass or an editathon would work for more than twenty or so editors. WereSpielChequers 14:30, 17 December 2011 (UTC)