UK Wikimania bid criteria

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This page is kept as an archival reference.
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These are draft essential criteria and comments are invited:

  1. That there is a lead volunteer who will be able to devote six months plus to the organisation and delivery of a successful Wikimania bid .
  2. That we are certain that there are no commercial interests involved that are at odds with our values as a chapter.
  3. That some substantial partners have been identified as supporting the bid notably:
    1. Local authorities
    2. Major GLAM partners
    3. Major Educational institutions
    4. Financial sponsors who are compatible with the aims of the chapter.
  4. That substantial volunteer support is available during the organisational process and delivery of the Wikimania conferenvce.
  5. That the bid conforms with the Foundation's guidelines for what constitutes a successful Wikimania (e.g.has hotels, has transport etc)

Bid details are here