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Debbie's plan is to to advertise the sessions in 2 batches 2-3.45 and 4.15-6pm for those who wanted to come and write and people could sign up before hand. Some people may just want to pop in and see what we are doing. In terms of actual involvement, we are imagining 4 - 5 laptops connected up with groups of 2-3 writing / researching per laptop so we can accommodate 10-12 in each session.

Other thoughts

Something more general: Women in Ancient Egypt is 26 Kbytes with 5 references, mainly a translation from the French. It seems ok, but I think has not had specialist input, in the English form anyway. Depiction of... or just Women in Ancient Egyptian art would be nice. Of course Nefertiti_Bust has a longish article & is a GA, & Raherka and Meresankh in the Louvre have a short one. But not the famous married couple, seated in colour, whose names I forget - in the Louvre I think. Then there is Category:Ancient Egyptian women, mostly royal, but not all (two wet-nurses). Johnbod