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Wikimedia UK currently has a small paid staff working out of a London office, working to facilitate the work of volunteers. Everyone else involved with the chapter is a volunteer, including Board members. Updates on the activities of the staff can be read in News from the Office.

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Meet the staff

Hello from July 2013


Jon Davies
Jon is the Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK. His job is to lead the staff team and make sure that the programme is delivered using everyone in the community. He is responsible for the effective use of the charity's resources. He reports to the Board.

Finance and Administration

Richard Symonds
Richard is the Office & Development Manager. He handles Wikimedia UK's finances, creating reports for the board and staff. He also organises payment of volunteers' expenses, and interprets the Finance Policy for other staff. He reports to Jon Davies, and is ably assisted by Richard Nevell.

Richard Nevell
Richard is the Assistant Office Manager. His primary role is to support Richard Symonds in his role as Office & Development Manager, and provides support for other staff in their activities where needed. He reports to Richard Symonds.

Davina Johnson, FCA
Financial accountant
Davina Johnson, FCA
Davina is our financial accountant. She supports Richard Symonds and Jon Davies in producing financial reports for staff and the board to ensure the highest levels of compliance by Wikimedia UK.

Pete the WikiPlatypus
Pete the WikiPlatypus
Pete's job is to chair staff meetings and to laugh whenever an awful joke is told at the office. The work is long and tiring, and he yearns for his Tasmanian homeland.

Community and Programme

Daria Cybulska
Daria is the Programme Manager at Wikimedia UK. Her aim is to develop and deliver Wikimedia UK’s programme of activities and events throughout the UK, part of which is line managing GLAM and Education Organisers. She reports to the Chief Executive.

Stevie Benton
Stevie is Wikimedia UK's Head of External Relations. He looks after all aspects of communications, including press and media, design and print, our blog and social media channels, audio and video content and internal communications. He reports to the Chief Executive.

Katherine Bavage
Katherine Bavage is Wikimedia UK's Fundraising Manager. The role includes supporting grant applications and events and administrative work in connection to our established fundraising. She makes sure we stay in touch with donors and members through e-newsletters and surveys, and by responding to their queries. She currently acts as the project manager for contracted development work. She reports to the Chief Executive.

Toni Sant
Toni is the Education Organiser at Wikimedia UK. His role involves developing and delivering a range of large and small education activities throughout the UK. He is responsible for all aspects of the education programme, working with the board, staff, and volunteers to make it professionally run and productive. He reports to the Programme Manager.

Katie Chan
Katie is Wikimedia UK's Volunteer Support Organiser. Based in the office, she works with the community to increase their involvement with the charity's activities, and ensuring that they receive support from the office.

Jonathan Cardy
Jonathan is the GLAM organiser for Wikimedia UK. His job is to organise collaborations between Wikimedians and the UK's Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs). These projects range from image release programmes where we encourage GLAMs to release content to us under an open license, to Editathons where we tap into the expertise of curators to help improve Wikipedia articles. He reports to the Programme Manager.

Robin Owain
Robin is Wikimedia UK Manager in Wales. He will be taking a lead on our Llwybrau Byw – Living Paths Project (see also project page). He will also be leading our efforts to expand both Wicipedia Cymraeg and the English language Wikipedia in Wales mainly through training sessions.

Stuart Prior
Stuart is supporting the Wikimania 2014 team in delivering the Wikimania Conference, which this year is being held in London. He helps bring the worldwide volunteers, the Wikimedia UK UK-based staff, and the Wikimedia Foundation's San Francisco-based staff together.

Bekka Kahn
As Co-ordinator of the Open Coalition, Bekka's role is to improve communication between open groups where their missions overlap and to help them work together


Technology contractor
Tom Morton
Tom is one of two technology contractors, his role focuses on administering the charity's web infrastructure and providing technical/security support.

Technology contractor
Emmanuel Engelhart
Emmanuel is one of two technology contractors, his role focuses on administering the charity's web infrastructure and providing technical/security support.


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