University of Oxford Department of Zoology Wikipedia training 2012

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Basics[edit | edit source]

  • Date: Friday 7 December, 11am-5pm
  • Venue: Oxford, OX1 3PS,
  • Cost: Free
  • Twitter: @wikimediauk
  • Participants: Wikipedia newcomers, post-graduates and researchers from the Zoology department. 10-20 participants.
  • Registration: Peter Holland <>, also for questions about the department.
  • Any questions: leave a note on the talk page

Topics for the workshop[edit | edit source]

Topics that were suggested by Peter:

  • How to edit
  • Policies and issues for academics
  • Avoiding bias and claimed conflict of interest
  • Consensus and engaging with the community using peer review and WikiProjects
  • Other projects beyond Wikipedia, multiple languages and (inevitably) handling copyright releases
  • Assessing public impact from a research funding point of view

Venue[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Feedback[edit | edit source]

From Peter soon after the event: Just wanted to say that the event went very well, and I got some good feedback. We succeeding in making some positive changes to pages on the day, and I even did another page today. Thanks again for helping set it up.