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future of[edit source]

Greetings Robin Owain,

excuse me for writing in English here, unfortunately i don't speak Welsh.

My name is Daniel, i work for the Wikimedia Foundation and i'm contacting you today because WMF owns this domain name:

and i would like to discuss with you and the cy.wikipedia community what to do with it.

The current issue is that we have the domain name but no SSL certificate for it, which results in the error you see on (while the same with just http:// is a redirect to

Since we are aiming to be a https-only site nowadays, we really have to either stop serving that redirect from there or spend money on getting a certificate for just this.

And to justify the cost for that we would look at how much traffic this actuall gets. I checked and on a random day, Jan 19th, there seem to have been just 12 hits which is _extremely_ low compared to all of our traffic on the regular projects.

So it does not seem like this is used much at all and when i Google search for it i just see one obvious place where it's used, on

So my question is, would you be ok with us deactivating that redirect given the circumstances?

Best regards,

Daniel Zahn


Hi Daniel. Many thanks for this. I agree with you, as it's not really used. I do have an email with that address through gmail, but this shouldn't be affected. Have a great weekend! Robin Owain (WMUK) (talk) 14:22, 26 February 2016 (GMT)
Hi Robin. Thank you very much. We will deactivate this domain soon. Dzahn (talk) 23:28, 1 March 2016 (GMT)