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WikiVet and Wikimedia UK are announcing an editathon to improve freely available information on veterinary science and animal health. It will take place at the Royal Veterinary College’s Camden Campus on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th November, the day before the London Vet Show.

WikiVet, based on the same software that powers Wikipedia, provides freely accessible reference materials for veterinary science. Edited and reviewed by professionals and students, it is a reliable source for Wikipedia. The event, running from 1pm to 6pm, will feature introductions to both WikiVet and Wikipedia, including training for anyone new to wiki editing. We will focus on common diseases that vets see in everyday practice, but contributions with any relevance to veterinary science are welcome.

This event comes from the partnership between Jisc and Wikimedia UK, and is organised by Martin Poulter (the ambassador between the two charities).

This is a free event that requires advance registration through EventBrite for those attending in person. Refreshments will be provided. It is a good idea to bring a laptop, but we have some spares available if you can’t.

See WikiProject Veterinary medicine for an ongoing effort to improve and review Wikipedia articles in this area.

Online participation

Westphalian horse: one of many images used in both Wikipedia and WikiVet

We welcome online participation if you can’t join us in person: please sign up on Wikipedia to indicate interest. Editing will take place 2pm GMT onwards.

New to wiki editing?

If you want to learn more about editing before you come, try these introductions:

Coverage and reflections


Evaluation and feedback

  • 1 attendee had to leave after the presentations so didn't attend the editing session, but left an evaluation form
  • 13 evaluation forms were collected
Did you edit Wikipedia in this event?

Yes: 8 | No: 5

Did you edit WikiVet in this event?

Yes: 4 | No: 9

Do you think you will edit Wikipedia in future? (1-5) (1=definitely not; 5=definitely yes)
  • Mean: 3.6 (excluding those who were already experienced Wikipedians)
  • six chose a 4 or a 5
Do you think you will edit WikiVet in future? (1-5) (1=definitely not; 5=definitely yes)
  • Mean: 3.6 (again excluding the experienced Wikipedians, who would be ineligible to edit WikiVet, and excluding one WikiVet staff)
  • six chose a 4 or a 5
Identify one thing you liked most about this workshop.
  • Managed to do something real on Wikipedia
  • The mix of experienced and inexperienced users
  • It was a very good short intro to editing Wikipedia articles.
  • Informal styles of delivery
  • Lots of inspiring new ideas!
  • The obvious passion of the trainers for sharing knowledge
  • Lovely venue; great to be working with such a prestigious institution
  • Good casual atmosphere, very well presented. Covered what new users needed to know.
  • Learning how to edit pages and seeing that it is actually easier than I thought.
  • Saved me the effort on reading the "Help" section and trying to figure out how the code works before attempting to edit an article.
  • Good speakers; explaining philosophy behind WikiVet
  • Linking Wikipedia and WikiVet
  • I liked the wealth of information
Identify one thing that would have improved this workshop for you.
  • I started to get a bit confused when we had a chain of Talk. It would have been better to do that in pairs I think.
  • ?
  • We covered probably all we should to start with, can't think of anything that would improve it.
  • Cake!
  • More people need to attend this workshop - it was great!
  • Bit more clarity in the practical session.
  • More hands-on editing and less talking from the front - but that's just the way I like to do things
  • Having a list of edits that could be made, beforehand, would help with the introduction to editing.
  • Having more vet students/lecturers to participate in the workshop.
  • A FAQ system. If we find a problem and struggle to solve it after going home to edit WikiVet, we have someone to approach... (or just read the Help section I suppose).
  • More structured objectives
  • More participants
  • [left blank]
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