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Answers[edit | edit source]

  1. In your opinion is it preferable for a membership organisation like Wikimedia UK to have a large, apathetic membership, or a smaller, more actively involved membership?
    As with any volunteer group or organisation, you will always have a core group of people who are extremely active and a much larger base who have minimal participation or extended periods of inactivity. The key is to maintain or better even better to strengthen the size of this core group. One way of doing this is to encourage and maintain a growing membership. Failure to encourage growth of a broad membership would simply see in the slow erosion of our core group through burnout or simply as a result of the transient nature of many of those involved in our movement. Across the somewhat short life of the chapter, we have historically been bad at engaging with both our core and wider member base. We recent filled a dedicated role to support and communicate with our membership which hopefully will be a step towards fixing this longstanding issue but it still remains a pressing matter and always will given the voluntary nature of our organisation..