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Supported by Wikimedia UK WikiSym 2013 Scholarships, I participated in Wikisym and Wikimania conferences both hold in August 2013 in Hong Kong. Below comes my short and informal report on both events.

Wikisym[edit | edit source]

Group Photo of participants of WikiSym+OpenSym2013, Hong Kong on the top deck restaurant of Jumbo Island

Day 1[edit | edit source]

Let's raise kids up![edit | edit source]

Pockey Lam, Digital Freedom Foundation

Free software like free speach, not free beer.

Story on how they provided a school with second-hand, yetupgraded linux-based computers.

Free software and free hardware is not eenough, content and education is king. -> open education.

Another experiment on open content creation.

Video Co-creation in Collaborative Online Communities[edit | edit source]

Andrew Lih, associate professor of journalism and director of new media at the University of Southern California.

Only 0.1 % of WP articles have video, 0.03 % have a high quality video. No video in soccer and dance.

Some advice given on how to make a nice video.

Solution: "patterns": pre-structured templates o movies. example: BBC 5 shots sequence.

Chris Burden

Impact of Social Features Implemented in Open Collaboration Platforms on Volunteer Self-Organization: Case Study of Open Source Software Development[edit | edit source]

(Junghong Choi, Bruce Ferwerda, Jungpil Hahn, Jinwoo Kim, Jae Yun Moon) has studies compared to fourgecode, the former is far more active.

Social features: Watch and follow.

Social features (social transparancy) are important in sustainibility.

Direction of the contribtions is mostly determind by Rock Stars via social influence.

How do Baidu Baike and Chinese Wikipedia filter contribution? A case study of network gatekeeping[edit | edit source]

(Han-Teng Liao

He consideres "network gatekeeping" and "collaborative filtering"

What is the boundery of "anyone".

Data: rules, owen experience, testemonials and outcome (?) there is difference in size of articles (...). Most of the power users are from the Mainland in Shinese WP. Most cited sources: in Chinese WP many references to "book reviews, and hotel reviews"

Partial Automation for Human Tasks in a Collaborative System: The Case of Deletion in Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

(Bluma S. Gelley, Torsten Suel)

47% of speedy deletions are nominated within 10 minutes.

Data on deletion available for download.

Speedy-delets rate> 70%.

A mdel based on user features, article fatures, topics, language features, etc to detect deletions: application:iud the focus, geeve better feedback to users, etc.

A triangulated investigation of using wikis for project-based learning in different undergraduate disciplines[edit | edit source]

(Edwin Chu, Michele Notari, Katherine Chen, Chi Keung Chan, Samuel Chu, Wendy Wu)

experiment in 3 deciplines: student perception and behaviour is different differences in teaching style may lead to differet outcomes

Empowering formative assessment using embedded Web Widgets in Wikis[edit | edit source]

(Michele Notari, Sonja Schär, Martin Schellenberg, Samuel Kai Wah Chu)

Involving users to increase their acceptance[edit | edit source]

(Angelika Mühlbauer, Kai Nissen)

Community needs are very diferent to the current research topics.

DAY 2[edit | edit source]

Dario Taraborelli on Wikipedia Research[edit | edit source]

different topics in wikipedia research, education, gender, etc.

When the Levee Breaks: Without Bots, What Happens to Wikipedia’s Quality Control[edit | edit source]

(R.Stuart Geiger, Aaron Halfaker)

Different ways of Quality Control in WP. What if we remove one of those QC elements?

He only talks about the time span between the eedit and the revert by the bot (reaction time).

Now: what happens when the bots go down?

Without bots, the edits get reverted but in longer time.

A History of Newswork on Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

(Brian Keegan)

Wikinews and the differences to Wikipedia.

Tell Me More: An Actionable Quality Model for Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

(Morten Warncke-Wang, Dan Cosley, John Riedl)

featured articles.

Wikimania[edit | edit source]