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  • Sunday 27th October
  • 11am-5pm, MadLab, Edge Street, Manchester.
  • Tickets: £3 (including lunch) - booking was captured on WMUK Eventbrite
  • Photos from the day: here
lunch, and cake, was provided!

Manchester Girl Geeks presents an introduction to editing Wikipedia! Practically everyone uses The Free Encyclopedia to find out about the world - but have you ever tried adding to it? Women are sorely underrepresented in editing and contributing to Wikipedia articles, and we aim to shift the balance.

During this event, we have shown how to take first steps as a Wikipedia contributor. Trainers were present to take attendees through the basics of logging in and editing, as well as give some ideas of how to contribute. We were also able to provide more advanced help for anyone who has already dabbled. The motto for the event was: 'Bring along your favourite sources, and we can fix things and add to the body of knowledge together.'

We had some hard copy reference sources, and online sources, but also we encouraged attendees to take the inspiration from the Ada Lovelace Day and fix up articles on their favourite science heroes.

Refreshments and lunch were provided. The venue had wi-fi and projectors


  • 10am set up for organisers and trainers
  • 11am start - editing training
  • 12:30pm lunch
  • 1-1:30pm, till 5pm - editathon. We will have cake around 4pm.


There were 13 participants, 70% were women.

  1. Katie Steckles (contribs) - some editing experience
  2. Ruida (contribs) - some editing experience
  3. Kpudner (contribs) - some editing experience, was assisting others
  4. GemHill (contribs)
  5. Yarakyo (contribs)
  6. BhavishaPatel (contribs)
  7. CarolynChafer (contribs)
  8. Liz Granger (contribs)
  9. Altogether-andrews (contribs)
  10. EllenChalkdust (contribs)
  11. Van tho (contribs)
  12. MrBenF (contribs)
  13. Maas-Neotek GmbH (contribs)
  14. AMANIBANGI (contribs) - attended the morning teaching session

Topics edited

Some articles that were created or edited during the event were:

  1. w:de:Winifred Asprey
  2. w:PAFAH1B1
  3. w: Expatriate
  4. w:Blackley
  5. w:Lucy Wilson
  6. w:Manchester Science Festival
  7. w:Helen Octavia Dickens (w:Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Helen Octavia Dickens)
  8. w:Alice Hamlin Hinman
  9. w:Mary E. Winter (w:Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Mary E. Winter) - not much info available on her!
  10. Some topics around w:Investment trust

After the event

  1. w:Joan_Clarke
  2. w:Margaret_Rock

Topic suggestions before the event

This could be reused for future events

Some notable computer scientists whose articles could be improved:

Some potential articles:

  • w:Christel Hamann - Took out a U.S. patent on a calculating machine in 1903.
  • w:Christiana Newhaus - Patented an Abacus in 1890.
  • w:Elise Harmon - Computer Hardware. Major player in the minaturizing of computers. Career Physicist and Chemist. She devised an entirely new method for creating printed circuitry. A "hot die stamp method of infusing silver conductors on polymeried thermo-plastic and thermo-setting materials."
  • w:Emily C. Duncan - Received two patents for Calculators (1903, 1904). Her calculators allowed people to calculate the interest and remaining terms for loans of various amounts.
  • w:Lydia D. Myers - Patented an Abacus in 1895.
  • w:Margaret Cavanaugh - Programmed Argonne's first scientific computer. (It had about 2 kilobytes of memory)
  • w:Mary E. Winter - Patented an Adding machine in 1882.


What we learnt

List of things that the attendees fed back at the end of the event:

  • Referencing
  • Citation Wizard
  • Citation needed
  • '''Be bold'''
  • Markup code
  • Everything!
  • A lot easier than we thought
  • Collaborative
  • Supportive
  • Place for open debate
  • How to edit – mistakes
  • Always things that need fixing
  • Low proportion of editors are women
  • Articles written by many people

An attendee has also written a blog post about the event! -