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Agenda for Board meeting on 13-14 July 2013 9.30am to 6pm.

For reports, see Reports 13Jul13.


  • Board:
    • Saad Choudri (SC)
    • Greyham Dawes (GD; Treasurer)
    • Ashley van Haeften (Fæ)
    • Chris Keating (CK; Chair)
    • Michael Maggs (MM)
    • Alastair McCapra (AM)
    • Mike Peel (MP; Secretary, backup minutes)
  • Staff:
    • Jon Davies (JD; Chief Exec) - S and S
    • Richard Symonds (Minutes) - S and S
    • Stevie Benton (Comms) - Saturday
    • Daria Cybulska - Sunday first item.
    • Katie Chan - Sunday first item.
  • Guests and observers
    • Jan-Bart de Vreede (JV; WMF)
    • (others?)


In Camera session

9.30am. There will be a brief session in camera at the beginning of the day which we will aim to conclude by 10.30am.

Board Orientation & Teambuilding

  1. 10.45am. Coffee and Icebreaking
  2. 11.00am Wikimedia Foundation, Chapters and Chapters Association: Jan-Bart de Vreede, Wikimedia Foundation Board member
  3. 11.30am Wikimedia UK's history, culture and values (MP)
  4. 11.50am Wikimedia UK Governance Review - brief summary (CK)
  5. 12.00pm Fundraising, Funds Dissemination - in brief (CK/JD)
  6. 12.15pm WMUK's Constitution, with a focus on the Finance Policy and Conflict of Interest policy
  7. 12.30pm Lunch
  8. 13.00pm Working effectively as a Board: CK (channelling Dorothy Dalton)

14.00 Board meeting

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Declarations of Interest Relevant to Matters on the Agenda
  3. Reports
    1. Chief Executive
      1. CE report
      2. Traffic light report against plan
      3. Risk report
      4. Pathways project (current situation with regards the 11 May 2013 board decisions and actions) (JD). Decision on virement.
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. 2012-13 Report and Accounts
  6. Q1 Financial Report
  7. Audit and Risk Committee Report


Aiming for an early afternoon finish.

10.00 Strategy

  • Strategy update and discussion

JD to present followed by workshop.

11.30 Coffee

11.45 Board meeting continues

  1. Apologies for absence (initially, Greyham).
  2. Noting WikiConference UK 2013/AGM Minutes (the board needs to be happy with these minutes, which are to be approved at the next AGM.) [MP]
  3. Noting Martin Poulter standing down as Associate
  4. QRpedia (SC)
  5. Wikimania 2014 (Notes on most recent meeting) (JD)
  6. AGM 2014 (Conference Committee/MP) - see Conference Committee recommendation
  7. Matters arising from staff reports;
    1. ODP Macrogrant and revised Macrogrant process (KC report)
    2. Membership Approvals issue (KB report)
    3. Revised expenditure proposals for outreach (DC report)
    4. WiR extension
    5. Volunteer paper

12.15 Governance

1. Committee memberships & confirmation of

2. Governance Committee report and recommendations

  • Co-options
  • Govcom current priorities
  • Draft tender specification for review consultant

3. Other matters (if not included in the above items):

  • Review of Governance Review recommendations & implementation
  • "Officer" posts and job descriptions
  • Consideration of the proposal to have Vice-Chairs for all officer posts
  • Trustee responsible for staff annual reviews
  • Advisory Board vs Board/Fellows and Associates (MP) (To be considered by GovCom, initial steer would be useful here. Also noting MLP's resignation.)


  1. Date and agenda of next meeting
  2. Any Other Business
    1. Wikimedia Chapters Association representative
    2. In-camera board discussion

14.00 Finish