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Agenda for Board meeting on 16 October 2011, to be held by in-person at Pendrel's Oak, Holborn, between 1-2pm.

Attendees[edit | edit source]


  • Roger Bamkin (Chair)
  • Mike Peel (Minutes)
  • Andrew Turvey
  • Martin Poulter
  • Steve Virgin
  • Chris Keating
  • Jon Davies
  • Any other WMUK member that wishes to be in attendance

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Meeting expected to start at 1.00pm.

1: RB - Apologies for absence (RB) [1.00pm]
2: MP - Approval of new members (ongoing until the start of the EGM voting) (MP) [1.02pm]
Note that 7 members have been approved by email on 15 October, recorded in the in-camera minutes.
3: Scope of the Executive committee (and potential for a trustee code, e.g. [1]) (Fæ) [1.10pm]
4: Rate of repaying expense claims (Fæ, MP) [1.25pm]
5: How the chapter works in the community (AT) [1.30pm]
5.1: Geonotice, uploads etc. (AT) [1.35pm]
5.2: Involvement in legal disputes - (AT) [1.40pm]
6. AOB (RB) [1.45pm]
6.1 (if time) Summary of the proposed Expense policy (5 mins)
7. Next Meeting - 19-20 November, in-person, London. All board members + CEO + Office manager expected to be present excepting for extenuating circumstances. (MP) [1.50pm]
7.1 Action book hotel for nine? people ....

Meeting to end by 1.50pm at the latest.