Agenda 29Jun10/Secretary's Report

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  • TD, AT, MP: Update bank account signatories Symbol wait.svg Doing... (awaiting Tango)
  • AT & MP to talk offline about communications strategy. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • Mike to send out the BLW evaluation email Yes check.svg Done (Responses at [1])
  • MP to relocate the role descriptions to a more suitable location once all are finalized. Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • MP to investigate hiring someone to organize the GLAM-WIKI event Yes check.svg Done-ish. Discuss.
  • MP to flesh out the webpage for the microgrants process. Yes check.svg Done Microgrants
  • All to work on office manager job description on the wiki. Yes check.svg Done (Needs discussion}
Discussion items
  • Blog posts: delegate approval to two people so that they can get online quicker/in a more timely fashion?
  • OpenRightsGroup video proposal: board viewpoints following from latest email reply?
  • Wiki Takes Liverpool: still worth pursuing?
  • Insight Radio: path forward
Ongoing tasks
  • Guardian Activate: David can go.
Done tasks
Media coverage

GLAM-WIKI event management

Most of the work involved in organising GLAM-WIKI would require knowledge of the area - both Wikimedia and the museums - so that the program could be developed, pre-seeding of attendees with appropriate information can be done, etc. This would work much better than having an event organiser for the meeting - especially if it is held at a venue like the BM, where things like the caterers etc. are already sorted out.

If Liam takes the role, he would want (NB: these are the points I remember, and my memory may be faulty; they need checking with him):

  • Pre-set level of pay, for organising the conference, rather than an hourly wage: part paid at the start, the rest later.
  • Budget for his travel, separate from pay (may or may not be used in its entirety depending on scholarships to events in the same period)
  • Clear outline of what the conference should accomplish, its format, number of attendees, etc.
  • Clear budget, including discretionary funds (e.g. for things like badges, printing, …)
  • Clear ability to approach sponsors, either pre-checked by the board or with board veto afterwards
  • Reporting to one (or max two) board members, rather than the entire board. (Similar to arrangement with Tango during the fundraiser)