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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

  • Accounts 31/1/10: Drafted abbreviated accounts, got these approved and filed at Companies House. Sent updates to WMF, WMUK-L and individual donors about the accounts. Met with UHY to discuss draft SORP accounts. Discussed on email - approval sought subject to MP's changes. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Accounts 31/1/11: UHJ have quoted £3,500 +VAT for a full audit based on an initial meeting in person with them and an audit file - approval sought Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss. Arranged to meet with TH to prepare on Sunday. Approval sought to purchase accounting system Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Discussed changes to accounting processes with TD and would like to propose: full electronic online records; batch postings to accounts systems; distributed bank account access Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Charity application: Spoke with Fraser Brown regarding letter changes: they have asked me to draft the additional sections and requested payment of their agreed fee in full now - approval sought for this Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Payroll: Organised payments for December & January; PAYE reference now received so we will pay this first on 22nd February (needs accruing in accounts). They have advised us that we have not been non-compliant at any stage despite it not being paid in January because we did not have the reference.
  • Emailed response to WMF regarding our communication with them when things go wrong.
  • Spoke to Seb Moleski regarding the Organisational Development framework: he needs a positive agreement that we want to participate and an indication of which areas (e.g. teambuilding, strategic development) that we can use some help. Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss
  • Attended & helped out at 10th anniversary events
  • Participated in renewed discussions about the Toolserver Association including chasing our WMDE invoice
  • Final decisions made re Britain Loves Wikipedia
  • Letter received from Lawyers re donation; WMF has formally requested a grant - recommend we agree to this Dialog ballons icon.svg Discuss

Office manager[edit | edit source]

I have been occupied very largely with mailings, and of those, preparing and sending out the bulk mailings for the fundraiser (acknowledgements to donors, using a mail merge in CiviCRM) has been the most onerous. The current position is that 48 days have had the bulk mails sent, out of 54. Other mailings have been those for the newsletter, membership renewals up to the end of December, and approvals.

In other fundraiser work, I have been processing cheques. The PO Box (last cleared 2 February) is still active. Charles Matthews 16:58, 4 February 2011 (UTC)

My actions[edit | edit source]

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • AT to send BLW domain name renewal invoice to TD to pay. X mark.svg Cancelled (invoice has been paid. Mike Peel 21:14, 5 January 2011 (UTC))
  • AT to go forward with Wikipics/usability (see 2010 Budget)
  • AT to contact WMDE about how we spend the toolserver-allocated money Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  • AT to obtain a quote from our payroll company now appointed for BACS bureau/direct debit Go-next-red.svg Carried forward
  • AT to talk to TD about giving CM access to view the paypal account. Yes check.svg Done
  • AT to contact lawyers to confirm the WMF's lawyers advice/approach, and also the reporting requirements Yes check.svg Done
  • outstanding expenses: CM interview; CIPR
  • AT and TD to determine the precise amount from the 2009 fundraiser to be given as a general operating grant to the WMF; AT to obtain legal advice on the grant in written form and draft a form of agreement with the WMF. Yes check.svg Done
  • AT to investigate phone conferencing facilities as substitute for Skype conferencing.
  • AT to append a banner to the bottom of the donor privacy policy page linking to the marked up version showing the changes from the Foundation's version.
  • AT to report the Board's view on chapter-foundation reporting issues to Sue Gardner. Yes check.svg Done
  • AT to go back to the lawyers to ask for a letter confirming the advice with transferring money to the Foundation. Yes check.svg Done
  • AT to proceed with filing the unreviewed accounts, having first contacted the accountants to enquire about costs associated with accelerated work, and also having phoned the Companies House Contact Centre for advice on the specifics of WMUK’s situation. Yes check.svg Done
  • AT to work with SV on sending out AGM notices.
  • AT to attend to the details of setting up the next in-person meeting in London on 5 February.Yes check.svg Done

Office Manager:

  • AT and TD to revisit the annual report, updating actions and setting things going to produce this.
  • CM with SV to progress the newsletter via a concise text version with links and a wikitext version on the UK wiki as target for those links, as a matter of urgency. Yes check.svg Done
  • CM to send the "congratulations" mails out for newly approved members, after weeding out a small number of duplications from the past.

Head of PR:

  • GG to post details of the press plan to the office wiki.