Agenda 5Feb11/Treasurer's Report

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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • TD to contact Pavel to ask for a report on how our money was spent; what the overall cost breakdown for the event was; and what plans exist at the moment for the next chapters meeting. Yes check.svg Done a/w response - Pavel assured me at Wikimania that he would reply ages ago. I'll chase him up again.
  • AT and TD prepare a report for the WMF chapters grant, for email approval, and to approach the Foundation to extend the grant. I believe Mike has now done this, so moot.
  • AT and TD to revisit the annual report, updating actions and setting things going to produce this.
  • TD to provide a table of current spending on the 2010 Budget items - Moot, since Andrew and I will produce some detailed figures after the board meeting.
  • TD to implement SMS donation mechanism for a trial of 3 months. Never got around to it, sorry! Moot now. (Wouldn't have been a big money maker due to VAT issues anyway.)
  • AT and TD to determine the precise amount from the 2009 fundraiser to be given as a general operating grant to the WMF; AT to obtain legal advice on the grant in written form and draft a form of agreement with the WMF. 'Done, I believe
  • (AT and) TD to sign the 2010 fundraiser agreement for WMUK. Awaiting written confirmation of legal advice.
  • TD to present all outstanding cheques to the bank
  • TD to liaise with CM about ambiguities or issues with membership payments Done, I think
  • TD to withdraw money from the paypal to the bank account, and to phone paypal to resolve the outstanding issues. In progress. Awaiting response from Paypal.
  • TD to grant AT and MP internet banking access. Requested. Awaiting response from bank.
  • TD to grant CM PayPal read access for the purpose of CSV format data download. Done
  • TD to pay the GLAM-WIKI catering invoice, now due. Done
  • TD is to lead email discussion on setting the figures for reserves in the light of the outlined budget, and on other budgetary items. Not done. Sorry.