Agenda 8Jan13

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This will be a telephone meeting of the Board at 7.00-10.00pm on Tuesday 8 January 2013. Call-in details are on the office wiki

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest regarding matters on the agenda
  3. Approval of minutes of past board meetings
    1. Reports 8Jan13/Minutes review (Work in progress, but general topics to be discussed)
  4. Confirmation of decisions made since the last board meeting:
    1. Decision to confirm the breakdown of Stone King's services rendered in September and October 2012, and endorse the payment of £7,560 to them in lieu of their invoice, which will come from the Legal fees and Contingency budgets. For: MP, JB, Fæ, Ck, DT. Against: none. Abstain: none.
    2. Consultant to sort GLAM-WIKI conference programme. For: JB, CK, SC, DT. Against: MP, Fæ. Abstain: none.
    3. Decisions/Payment of Invoice 241. For: JB, MP, SD. Against: Fæ. Recuse: CK. Absent: DT.
  5. Chief Executive's Report.
    1. For decision.
      1. Train the Trainers.
        Draft agreement for Feb 2013 event and decision page. Tender documents from May 2012.
      2. 2013-14 Programme.
      3. WiR recruitment and contracts.
    2. For information.
      1. Finance Reporting Standards, FDC Grant and reporting requirements.
      2. Strategy and Planning.
      3. Risk register.
      4. Independent Review.
      5. Trustee vacancies.
      6. The Christmas Break.
      7. Theft.
      8. Ongoing matters.
  6. Trustee vacancy.(see CE report)
  7. Finance report.
  8. 2013 Budget.(see CE report)
  9. Wikimedians in Residence. (see CE report)
  10. QRpedia.
  11. Proposed independent audit of all procurement over 1,000 pounds placed in 2012 and the status of past and future agreements with Midas Training Solutions Ltd.
    Trustees should ensure they have read the references in Talk:Agenda 8Jan13#Midas.
  12. AOB.
  13. Date of next meeting (9 Feb 2013, London).