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This will be an in-person meeting of the Board on Saturday 9 to Sunday 10 February 2013.

NB an order and timings will be added closer to the day. The deadline for reports and papers to be considered at the meeting is 30 January.

Saturday 9 Feb 2013

10.00 Housekeeping

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declaration of interest
  3. Minutes of previous meetings & Reports 9Feb13/Minutes review
  4. Approval of new members
  5. Confirmation of decisions made since the last board meeting:
    1. To release the in-camera minutes contained within the Compass Review chronology For: CK, MP, DT (part), SC, Fæ. Against: none. Abstain: DT (part)

10.15 Reports

  1. Chief Executive's Report
    1. Review of FDC process, implications for scheduling future budgets. Timetable circulated. 30th January.
    2. Risk register
    3. CE report to board on planning - Feb 2013
  2. Questions regarding Reports 9Feb13
  3. Wikimedians in Residence: progress report, see Daria's report.

11.30 Coffee

11.45 Governance Review

  1. Governance review recommendations
  2. Discussion with Keith Smith from Compass
    The purpose of this session is so that we can directly put any questions or points of clarification regarding the report's conclusions and recommendations to Keith, including questions that arise from the community. At Compass Partnership's request, this session will be confidential to the Board and the Chief Executive so that Keith can be as frank as possible with us.
  3. Steps forward
  4. To note Stone King's advice on reviewing the Articles
  5. Motions to effect governance review recommendations
  6. Roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  7. QRpedia

13.15 Lunch

14.00 Wikimania Bid

15.00 Policies & Decisions

  1. Representatives at Wikimedia Conference 2013 (MP can provide background; open discussion)
  2. Wikimedia Chapters Association (Fae/MP)
    1. Current situation
    2. Representative responsibilities
      1. Delegated authority
      2. Reporting duties
      3. Decision-making process
  3. Finance policy update (Johnbod)
  4. Proposed new and revised policies (JD)
    1. WMUK Security Standards & IT Security Policy
    2. Recruitment Policy
    3. Volunteer Conflict of Interest Policy
  5. Education committee (Doug)
    1. Receive minutes of January 2013 Education Committee meeting
    2. Daria request to join education committee
    3. Request to approve Training the Trainers/Agreement for trainers
  6. Tech committee
    1. Whether to move this wiki to WMUK hosting - see IT Development/This wiki (MP, 5 mins)

16.30 Close

Some trustees & the Chief Exec visiting central London for sightseeing.

Sunday 10 Feb 2013

  1. Board meetings forward look
  2. Organisational culture (~20mins) [1]
  3. Relation to thematic organisations such as Wikimedia Medicine (~10 mins)
  4. 2013 Activity Plan budget line responsibility for staff, trustees and volunteers
  5. Review of agreements as described at Agreements
  6. Review and agreement of Representatives list

Preparation for WikiConference UK 2013

  1. Call for Tellers
  2. Call for Trustee candidates
  3. Board report preparation
  4. Finance report preparation
  5. Resolutions for the 2013 AGM