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Who Are You? : Anna Kavan edit-a-thon

12th September 2014, London

This Wikipedia editing workshop is an associated event to coincide with the Anna Kavan Symposium taking place on 11th September at the Institute of English Studies in London. This one-day symposium initiated by the Anna Kavan Society in association with Liverpool John Moores University Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History and Peter Owen Publishers aims to historicize Anna Kavan's work, situate her within the literary and intellectual context of her times, and chart her legacy as a writer.

About the event

If her sensationalized life has often overshadowed a proper critical attention to her work, Anna Kavan's writing is still widely published and translated, generating on-going interest, inspiring and fascinating new communities of researchers, readers or artists and highlighting more than ever this experimental and multi-faceted writer of the inner mind.

Facilitating a meet-up of impassioned folks, this edit-a-thon is a chance to extend the knowledge shared during the symposium and expand Anna Kavan's wikipedia pages through collaborative writing.

Come & edit !

This event is organized by Catherine Lenoble with the support of Anna Kavan Society and kindly hosted by Wikimedia UK in London.

Event details

  • Where? Wikimedia UK - Basement floor room 1A, Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4LT & how to get there
  • When? Friday 12th September, 9:30-13:00
  • Participants? The event is open to anyone who wishes to help in expanding Anna Kavan wikipedia pages. No Wikipedia editing experience necessary ; an introduction to the fundamentals of Wiki editing will be provided for Wikipedia newcomers.
  • Cost? Free.
  • Registration? To register, please add your Wikipedia username to the participants list below or send an email to catherinelenoble [at] gmail [dot] com
  • What to Bring? bring a laptop if you can, but Wikimedia UK has some available if you can't.
  • Point of contact: catherinelenoble [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Twitter: @cathsign ; @annakavansymposium ; @wikimediauk
  • Hashtag: #WiKavan

Participants List

  • Attendees

Up to 10 editathon participants, registration are open !

  • Online participants

If you cannot make it in person but would still like to participate, you are more than welcome to do so remotely. To do so, please add your name to the participant list below. Be sure to use the Twitter hashtag #wiKavan if you tweet about the event!

  • Confirmed Wikipedians attending
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  • Trainer

Catherine Lenoble is a french writer currently writing a novel based on Anna Kavan's life and works. She organized a first Wikipedia edit-a-thon for Ada Lovelace Day 2013 in Brussels with the support of Wikimedia Belgium.

Suggested approach

Helpful improvements and updates could be done and are as simple as :

  • Adding new biographical elements ;
  • Organizing the biographical elements in life period (i.e : early life, literary life, personal life, etc) ;
  • Making sure reference links are still appropriate and functional ;
  • Improving the bibliography (each book is reference with date, place, publisher) ;
  • Creating new entries for books (Ice, Julia and her bazooka, Asylum Piece, etc)
  • Adding new inline citations/references ;
  • Adding photos licensed under Creative Commons and/or ask permissions
  • Adding an infobox ;
  • Translatation
  • Creation of pages in other languages
  • etc

How Do I Prepare?

If you want to learn more about editing before you come, try these introductions :