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KNodeLogo.png This template is not final, and is still a draft. Feel free to edit it, but please use the talk page for any major changes.
This page is intended to support the committee-board interaction, aiding the committee in reporting to the board, and the board in understanding and responding to the committee's needs. You may find Education Committee/Agenda template useful.

Executive summary[edit | edit source]

Brief overview of activities this quarter, and health of the committee (and activities) moving forwards.

Report items[edit | edit source]

Please place report items and rolling updates here. There are some examples below (which are likely to be rolling, but may change over time).

  1. EduWiki report - brief summary of current state from committee's perspective, link to on-wiki report
  2. VLE report - brief summary of current state from committee's perspective, link to on-wiki report
  3. Update on international movement
  4. Brief summary of other events we have been involved in, and their impact
  5. Strategy items - how is the education programme supporting our Strategic goals
    1. What projects/events are we currently (or have we recently been) involved in
    2. Evaluation of overview above
    3. Summary of forward planning
  6. (please add other items here))

Committee-community health[edit | edit source]

The board would appreciate any comments the committee has regarding the health of the committee, and its interaction with the community. For example, if committee burn-out, lack of response from relevant community, excellent recruitment of new volunteers through a programme, etc. are relevant to this period then this would be the place to note it.

Actions for the board[edit | edit source]

Please copy actions for the board here. For example: if the committee would like some funds, or staff time for a particular project; if the committee would like approval (and funds) to run an internal workshop for planning purposes; if the committee would like the board to consider new processes/structures, etc.

For each item, use the structure below:

Item 1, brief description[edit | edit source]

Item 1, Explanation[edit | edit source]

Why is this being requested and why does it require board decision

Item 1, Action required[edit | edit source]

What actions do the Board need to take here (other than approval / rejection)?

Item 1, Risk[edit | edit source]

Are there any risks involved? Are they likely and what would be their impact?

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