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Teleconference meeting, agenda at


Daria, Simon, Padmini, Toni, Fabian


Stevie, Charles

Wikimania Fringe/Hack event planning for Future of Education track[edit | edit source]

Toni and Fabian updated on the progress of what is now called the 'fringe workshop'.

People involved in organising the track are in the process clarifying what the focused purpose of the event is.

Number of target areas to work on in preparation for the event have been identified, with particular people focusing on them. E.g. Toni is working on drawing a list of contacts to invite to the event (but at the same time needing to identify what the event should be about). More concrete ideas on wiki please. [1]

ACTION: Committee members to feed ideas on key people to invite, and key topics to cover, ideally through Wikimania Fringe event wiki page. Within the next week.

Framing of what type of people is needed for the event needs to be pinned down - something Toni will be working on it within the next couple of days. Simon has asked if any help is needed with this. Fabian asserted the topics is 'almost there' in terms of this. TS and FT believe that it will all be clearer once the organising team meets again and/or agrees to certain things (possibly even over email, in the interest of time).

Digital literacy[edit | edit source]

  • Leicester bid. Fabian restated the point that putting a tender in would be too much work for WMUK. The timescales were too tight to put support in place and fill in the tender. But it would be great to think about how we address, or have resources for, a similar project in the future.
  • Digital Literacy strategy.

Padmini stated that it feels quite vague as for what we want to do in this area - digital literacy is a wide area. What would we want people to do within digital literacy once they encounter Wikimedia projects? Mozilla's strategy is very wide and took a lot of work to complete. We could pick individual points from it, or Jisc digital literacy infoKit.

Simon suggested running workshops targeted at specific issues around UK education activities, e.g. badges. This was put into a possible topics for the June fringe workshop.

EduWiki[edit | edit source]

Update from TS. Themes have been discussed, together with possible associated activities.

Timeline for EduWiki 2014 has not been created yet, but will be published within days.

Attendee survey from EduWiki 2013 is being finalised and will be sent out within the next two weeks. Padmini will feedback on the survey by the end of the week.

Simon remarked that publishing the event should happen very soon so potential attendees can start planning for attendance.

Toni also explained what the new Education Cooperative is (planned to be involved with the conference). See also

Reporting[edit | edit source]

  • Board meeting is on 7 June. It would be useful to have a more detailed report for it.

ACTION: Simon assisting with creating the draft of the reporting template Yes check.svg Done. Committee to contribute. ACTION: write the report. Draft of the content of the report by 20 May. Note: actions and discussion items to be separated.

  • Structure of the committee meeting - should it be focused on discussing way forward, action focused OR reporting back? The former would save us more time; however, as Toni asserted, there is a benefit of reporting back during the committee meetings to make sure people are aware what the situation is.

ACTION: adapting the agenda structure to follow the report to the board Yes check.svg Done

Update on WEF and WMF from SK[edit | edit source]

Updates from the global Wikimedia education activities landscape

  • WMF is moving away from running programmes directly into supporting global communities, innovation, looking outside just running the Wikipedia classroom assignments.
  • Frank sees that since WMUK works on English Wikipedia, it would make sense to partner with the Wiki Education Foundation - we should be mindful of that
  • As a part of the Cooperative, Toni is working on a global education portal (timelines are unclear).

ACTION: add a 'global movement perspective' as a returning agenda item - Toni to lead as the main person who needs to be involved in the developments. Others to contribute. This could take a form of a report.

AOB[edit | edit source]

  • Next meeting? Between the June workshop and Wikimania was deemed sensible - end of June/early July.
  • Training pages on UK wiki. Is the 'training' thinking widely under the remit of the Education Committee? It is believed that people may see it as such, but it is not clear whether the committee considers itself being responsible for it.
    • If the global education portal is ready by Wikimania, then it's not a problem. But if not, WMUK needs something better ready for Wikimania for outreach.
    • Education site on UK wiki - needs to be very clear about how they can get involved (could be as little as a button to send WMUK an email to indicate interest)

ACTION: Call to action for the committee members to keep improving the education pages ([2] ). The training pages has a good format [3]

Working within the education activities at WMUK is much broader than the training - so it is hard to frame the 'ways of getting involved' in a clear way.

ACTION: Daria to look at ways of volunteer portal to connect with education.

Toni flagged the lack of capacity to support the variety of projects that are outlined on the WMUK education page - perhaps too broad of a remit? This led to a wider discussion about the education activities.