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Project grants (£5–250) or Partnership Funding (£250 and upwards):OverviewApplications
Evaluation Panel

Volunteer grants

Wikimedia UK volunteer Project grants are available to members for sums between £5 and £250. These are ideal for things ranging from a train ticket to help with a Wikimedia related research project, photocopying costs, or an innovative idea you have for improving engagement or access for one of the Wikimedia projects.

Larger projects

If your idea relates to delivering part of an existing large programme such as GLAM or Outreach it may be best to email the budget holder directly to check if your idea can be included within an existing budget. For complex projects please consider getting in touch with Wikimedia UK to build the project proposal up, and collaborate on seeking external funding for it.


We regularly offer specific Scholarships to attend international conferences and meetings, which are given via a competitive application process. We welcome suggestions of additional scholarships that we could make available.

Global Wikimedia grants

The Wikimedia Foundation offers grants at Grants:Start, in the first instance the WMF will expect your local chapter to be approached. If your project is global in nature or fits well within Foundation initiatives such as the Global South programme it may be worth discussing with WMF staff. For large inter-chapter initiatives (such as taking part in Wiki Loves Monuments) please approach Wikimedia UK first as there may already be plans and budget available, though you may find Grant Advisory Committee a useful source of international chapter contacts who would be happy to help with advising on your ideas.