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Project grants (£5–250) or Partnership Funding (£250 and upwards)

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From time to time Wikimedia UK is able to find additional funding to part-fund (& very occasionally fully fund)  larger or more long-term projects, such as a year-long workshop series, research project or small Wikimedian in Residence post.  Unlike the Volunteer Project Grants, there is not a set budget each year for this strand of work, however room may be available within an existing budget(s). Wikimedia UK's contribution in such cases in the past has ranged from £500 to £5000.  

We would usually expect to assist in the development and implementation of these projects, would ask for a more formal partnership and funding agreement, and look for regular updates throughout the duration of the project and / or a more substantial end of project report.

Recent Partnership funding projects have included:

In the event that the overall project budget is larger than what we are able to fund ourselves, we are very happy to collaborate on finding external funding, providing letters of support or other documentation where it would be helpful to the application and potentially offering a degree of match funding.  

If you have an idea for a project and would like to ask us about funding, please email a draft outline of the project (no more than 1 page) and a rough budget, and we will set up a meeting to discuss.  Your proposal should clearly state which of our strategic themes or pillars  the project works towards.  We aim to make decisions on all applications within one month.

Smaller funding pots (usually up to £250) should be directed through our Project grants process.