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IT Development
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This page documents Wikimedia UK's hosting infrastructure, it is based on the infrastructure proposal. You can see the list of software/services at the service portfolio page.


Server Host IP Size Description Services Log
Confidential Medium (1024MB)[1] Hosting for internal services/wikis, control panels and donor database Log
Community Small (512MB)[1] Hosting for community wikis/sites
  • Wikis (Official, Modulewiki)
  • WMUK blog
  • Blogs (Glamwiki US, WMUK, WLM)
  • QRpedia (pending)
  • Planet
  • Bugzilla
  • Redirects:
Community DB Hosting for community databases
  • MySql databases of all community services
Services Small (512MB)[1] Hosting for email, mailing lists etc.
  • Email
    • POP/IMAP (
    • SMTP (
    • Webmail (RoundCube)
  • Mailing lists (Mailman)
  • Webmail
  • Monitoring (Monit)
  • Web stats