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The Wikimedia UK Technology Committee is a committee that guides WMUK's software development, and also helps monitor and improve WMUK's technology infrastructure.

Key roles

The committees key roles are to:

  • Ensure that WMUK's server capacity, and project websites, are up-to-spec and well maintained, including our fundraising systems.
  • Assist in the oversight of the GLAM mass upload tool, being developed by Europeana, as well as the reliability of the Wikimedia toolserver, operated by Wikimedia Deutschland.
  • Monitor and ensuring the maintenance and improvement of QRpedia.
  • Guide the hiring process for WMUK developer staff and contractors.

Coordination, reporting and decision making

  • The Committee must coordinate its activities with Wikimedia UK volunteers, staff and trustees; the Wikimedia Foundation; and any other appropriate partner organisations.
  • The Committee must report publicly to the WMUK board at every board meeting that includes reports in its agenda. The Board liaison will be responsible for ensuring that this report is made (although the responsibility for filing the report may be delegated to another committee member), and for answering any questions that are raised by the Board prior to, or during, the Board meeting.
  • Significant decisions should be put forward to the WMUK board for ratification. (What 'significant' means needs defining, both financially and otherwise. Financial delegation should be included here.)


  • The Committee will meet between board meetings online (via such tools as IRC/Skype/Mumble/Teleconferences), and will meet in person at least once per year. Meetings will be announced, take place and be minuted publicly, with the exception of any sensitive discussions which may take place and be minuted in camera.
  • Committee discussion in between meetings will take place either on this wiki, or via a WMUK-hosted mailing list that anyone can view the archives of but only committee members, WMUK trustees and staff can subscribe to. Discussion may take place confidentially for any sensitive topics.


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