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Attendance and Apologies[edit | edit source]

Updates on Actions from previous meetings[edit | edit source]

Where outstanding actions were also substantive items on the main agenda they were discussed there

Item No Assigned to Action Update
Outstanding actions from earlier 2013 meetings
1. 210113 - Item 3.1 - Issue Tracking KB/TM Work with TM to set up a parallel bugzilla install with a project management extension, and test by end of Feb. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Need to agree access control for staff and community
2. 210113 - Item 3.3 - Backups KB Research costs of fireproof safe to inform a decision about on and off site back ups Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB has discussed with RS and problem presented by lack of fixed-safe option. Awaiting advice from insurance re data protection insurance and best options.
3. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB KB to work on some straightforward guidance for trustees as a simple overview/checklist MP to review - perhaps in collaboration with the community or Tech Committee (can certainly draft on-wiki) Symbol wait.svg Doing... Volunteer and Trustee Security checklist - This is still outstanding. Needs to be shared with new Trustees asap
4. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB/TM Review registration of data protection details in light of changed staffing and systems. KB to factor this in to ongoing security review work with TM. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Still awaiting finalisation of QRpedia. Review after implementation (roll over action)
5. 280213 Item 2.4 - Updates on Actions MP Shut down elements on the server and take a final backup Yes check.svg Done
6. 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions KB/TM Log 'backup manager process for Rackspace' as a job on rt. TM and propose solutions for March meeting. Yes check.svg Done Implementation in progress to be discussed on main agenda
7. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions KB/EE Catch up in Mid march to discuss implementation times of Civi CRM Yes check.svg Done Implementation progress to be discussed on agenda
May 2013
1. Item 3.1 - Issue Tracking KB/TM
  • KB to refer the question to Tech committee 'Should we make bugzilla available to the community to log bugs' - can then provide as recommendation to the board.
  • KB to work on language for the wiki page with TM to introduce people on how to use
Symbol wait.svg Doing... Was agreed by Tech committee. Need to finalise and public overview page for community
2. 210113 - Item 3.3 - Backups KB
  • KB review list archives for anything sensitive (i.e. passwords), deal with as necessary (i.e. change passwords)
  • KB to invite identified members of the community interested in Tech Comm issues - Harry Burt, Rich Farnborough, Tom Morris, Charles Matthews, Gordon Joly etc - to tech@
  • KB to start on-list discussion to decide mailing list policy i.e. open/closed, who to invite, aim of list (what topics) etc.
  • DT to highlight tech work to Lua event attendees on the 19th May
Symbol wait.svg Doing... Need to start on list discussions about remit and post up link on Tech Comm pages
3. Item 3.2 - QRpedia KB/TM/EE/RB
  • TM to contact Fasthosts about the migration process and any potential delay in transfer of the DNS
  • EE ask the WMF to host code+tracker, official web page will be put on Meta
  • RB and KB to work on list of users to contact and change in service and inform of date transfer when established.
Symbol wait.svg Doing... All in progress - feedback in main agenda item
4. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB/TM
  • KB to book TM to speak with new staff, possibly in conjunction with visit to set up servers, if not, by Skype or Google hangout
  • KB to schedule ICO day (possibly with Trustees too i.e. before a board meeting?)
  • KB to schedule policy review and audit in September
Symbol wait.svg Doing... Discuss on main agenda
5. 3.5 CiviCRM KB/EE
  • KB schedule and complete for w/c 13th May.
  • KB/EE Following this work, plan migration timetable
Symbol wait.svg Doing... Migration timetable has slipped. Discuss on main agenda.
6. Item 3.7 Installation of OTRS/Zendesk KB/EE KB to log request in Bugzilla and aim to get this done (installed) by end of May - assign to EE. Yes check.svg Done Implementation in progress to be discussed on main agenda
7. 3.8 Hosting UK Wiki on our server KB/EE
  • DT to email James Heilman instead.
  • KB to check if Katie had reached out to Eric about best people at WMF to contact re changes
Yes check.svg Done Implementation progress to be discussed on agenda
8. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions KB/EE
  • KB to circulate email to trustees with proposed catagories and ask for suggests
  • KB to set up a reproting section on uk wiki for end of May '13
  • TM and EE to send hours break-down to KB to then decide 'what goes where' in terms of agreed categories; then simply input directly into wiki on a monthly basis.
Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB needs to review June agendas, and provide clarification on categories for TM and EE to update section on wiki at month-end
9. Item 3.10 VLE KB KB to approach Charles Matthews and work towards requests being logged in Bugzilla or other system if comfortable Yes check.svg Done Implementation progress to be discussed on agenda
10. Item 3.11 Attending Amsterdamn Hackathon KB/EE/TM KB to liaise with TM and EE on availability, costs and circulate an email to JD and MP to decide as budget holders Yes check.svg Done EE attended and reported back at the Tech Comm meeting on 20th June

Operational[edit | edit source]

Issue tracker[edit | edit source]

KB reported that staff and trustees had been invited to create accounts. A demonstration had been given at a staff meeting through a screen share and could be repeated on an individual basis.

TM noted that MP had requested a specific email address redirecting all bugs to a dedicated bugzilla mailing list so those who feel they can contribute to addressing bugs/collaborating on solutions would be notified on an ongoing basis - the Wikimedia Foundation has this process in place and it works well.


  • TM to implement bugs specific mailing list and to be promoted through tech committee, newsletters, and other appropriate avenue on an ongoing basis.
  • TM to set up dedicated email address for specifying security bugs (rather than include on searchable bug tracker)
  • KB to check which staff/Trustees had created bugzilla accounts and follow up with those still to do so.
  • KB/TM to complete outstanding action to write community account creation page

KB noted long term goal to look at access control so some bugs could be logged privately if required (not searchable)

QRpedia[edit | edit source]

KB updated on the current status. The Board had finalised a legal agreement to transfer the intellectual property rights and domain of QRpedia and it was awaiting signature. It was not clear whether this would happen shortly but we need to be ready to respond. TM had confirmed that Fasthosts had responded as registrar that it did not anticipate service disruption on switchover of the domain name settings to direct users to the chapter's installation of the the software with amended stats module. EE noted he had started a meta page to centralise information on the project -



  • KB to agree text of email to existing users with TB/RB explaining the technical aspects of the transfer, expected schedule, and what to do/who to contact in the event of an issue.
  • KB to request meta page mirrored onto UK wiki and flagged for translation.

Following confirmation of signature:

  • KB to contact RB to request domain unlocked for transfer and request transfer from registrar
  • KB to confirm intended schedule of domain transfer and DNS switchovers with TM/EE and check availability to support
  • Pending successful confirmation of contractor availability, KB to contact known existing users with agreed text and confirmed date of domain transfer and DNS switchovers
  • EE would be available during switchover to monitor and troubleshoot any issues. Noted that weekend a better time, but due to international use less clear

QRpedia blog and twitter account[edit | edit source]

EE noted the existing theme and data dump from the word press site would be needed, as well as the twitter account details


  • KB to request these be provided following the signature of agreement and then handover to Stevie Benton when installed.

Rackspace Backups[edit | edit source]

KB noted that a proposed backup routine had been accepted but there had been holdups around confirming the physical arrangements for transfer and storage of data on an external hard drive on site.


  • TM/KB to arrange an in office visit for late August in light of VLE work being prioritised in July.

SSL Certificate[edit | edit source]

KB had specified a preference and it was important to put this in place to add successful testing of the parallel installation of the database.


  • TM needs to generate a certificate signing request following meeting for KB to progress. To be implemented on server by 19th July.

EE queried whether it would be possible to set up HTTPS access for all sites following this. TM confirmed following implementation and configuration on the server this would be possible

In office visit[edit | edit source]

This had been discussed under item 'Rackspace backups' above

CiviCRM[edit | edit source]

KB noted that there had been delays and she was pushing for a migration schedule towards the end of the month to facilitate staff receiving end-user training as soon as possible.

EE noted that he had run into some problems, but had managed to resolve some of these issues in recent days. He would recommend migrating at this stage of effective functionality, and then look at a 'phase two' of development with expanding the successful use of gift aid and smart debit extensions.

Decided: Migration on Saturday/Sunday 27th/28th July. Bug test on 29th.

EE noted that it would be important to have the SSL certificate in place asap in order to bug test identified errors. TM noted that he would need to get the certificate in place by 18th July in order to configure by the weekend.


  • EE to review membership sign up form for new installation and refer back to KB
  • KB to draft a migration schedule for TM and EE to review, and then share with Water cooler and mailing list, plus any other affected user groups.

Installation of OTRS[edit | edit source]

EE noted that he has set up the redirects for Volunteer@ and will set up fundraising@ and membership@ when KB confirms. KB can configure new queues as an administrator and create new new agents


  • KB to progress queue creation, agent creation and out of office and standard replies on 17th July
  • KB to request EE set up redirects for fundraising, membership@ and redirects@
  • KB to review possible agents and contact people on an individual basis

EE noted that OTRS has a cron job that pulls out the IMAP mailboxes so it would not be possible to 'copy' emails to individual email inboxes as before. Therefore these would need to be checked and referred daily.

Hosting UK Wiki on our server[edit | edit source]

It was noted a migration schedule was outstanding. It had been announced in the members newsletter that migration would take place by the end of July, but this was looking unlikely in light of capacity and need to process projects with more significant dependancies such as QRpedia, Civi CRM and the VLE.

Decision: Agreed the migration would now take place in August.

  • KB to ensure a further explanation and update distributed in the members newsletter
  • EE in communication with the WMF and keep them briefed.
  • TM/EE write up schedule by Tuesday 22nd July
  • KB to continue to work to ensure schedule made widely available to community

Reporting on time spent on different tasks[edit | edit source]

KB noted the longstanding intent to provide metrics in relation to development work. She had sought input from Trustees on their preferences for reporting but received no feedback.


  • KB to work on producing a wiki a draft report template in light of May and June invoices
  • KB to circulate for TM and EE to consider for end of July and adjust invoicing if needed.
  • TM and EE to directly update in future alongside invoicing

KB noted this reporting may be subject to change in future following input from Trustees or community members. It may be possible to supplement with data from Bugzilla.

VLE[edit | edit source]

TM reported that progress had been made. CM had been experiencing access issues but TM had identified the issues in communication with SB. The moodle plugin is being reworked to work in the desired manner with approved revisions transcluded. This will be completed by the end of July.

KB noted it was unclear what the next steps would be in terms of development work. TM noted that CM wished to have the wiki content updated and then the transclusions happening live in order to demonstrate in wikimania, which would be in place.


  • KB to contact SB and CM to clarify to request updates about any more technical support needed following the plugin development e.g. installation of themes, assignation of user accounts etc

AOB[edit | edit source]

Audio project[edit | edit source]

KB noted that Andy Mabbett had raised the prospect of seeking support from the Chapter's contractors around his audio work in connection with Wikipedia. However, he had been unwell and this had not been directly followed up. Important not to lose a good idea!

KB to contact AM and cc TM to ensure that he knows he can come back to us when he has time.

Availability[edit | edit source]

EE had noted his lack of availability on 19th - 21st July and 1st August. KB noted she has had to change her annual leave arrangements recently, and would probably need time of work as she was shortly to move house. This was all falling during an intense period of work.


  • KB to set up a shared google calendar for people to broadly indicate ins/outs to forward plan migration schedules, bug testing, and generally estimating capacity/delivery

KB noted shared calendar needed. Would set up.

Date of next meetings[edit | edit source]

KB noted that MP had given apologies and DT had stepped down as a Trustee though still indicated he would like to attend Tech Committees. MP was also anticipated to be busy in August with duties in connection to his role in the Funds Dissemination Committee. Suggested KB/TM/EE arrange a mutually convenient date and meet in August with hope DT/MP can make if they wish.

Agreed to meet on Monday 19th August at 14:00