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Attendance and Apologies[edit | edit source]

  1. KB - Katherine Bavage (User:Katherine Bavage (WMUK))
  2. MP - Mike Peel (User:Mike Peel)
  3. DT - Doug Taylor (User:RexxS)
  4. EE - Emmanuel Engelhart (User:Kelson)
  5. TM - Tom Morton (User:ErrantX)

Updates on Actions from previous meeting[edit | edit source]

Where outstanding actions were also substantive items on the main agenda they were discussed there

Item No Assigned to Action Update
1. 210113 - Item 3.1 - Issue Tracking KB/TM Work with TM to set up a parallel bugzilla install with a project management extension, and test by end of Feb. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Bugzilla and Tech Wiki created. Need to agree access control for staff and community
2. 210113 - Item 3.3 - Backups KB Research costs of fireproof safe to inform a decision about on and off site back ups Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB will try and work with RS to secure by end of May '13
3. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB KB to work on some straightforward guidance for trustees as a simple overview/checklist MP to review - perhaps in collaboration with the community or Tech Committee (can certainly draft on-wiki) Symbol wait.svg Doing... Volunteer and Trustee Security checklist - To be completed and circulated to Tech@ for commend by end of May '13. To be shared with new Trustees post AGM.
4. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB/TM Review registration of data protection details in light of changed staffing and systems. KB to factor this in to ongoing security review work with TM. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Need to see input from engaged members of the community for suggested changes, and submit details of changes after QRpedia arrangements in place - hopefully by end of July '13.
5. 210113 Item 3.4.2 - CiviCRM KB Log feature requests and bug requests in RT to mirror a global development page on wiki (rework the existing 'shopping list' page) Yes check.svg Done TM migrated all bugs to RT but not comments. Will move all across and clost RT by end of July '13 (not urgent)
6. 280213 Item 2.4 - Updates on Actions MP Shut down elements on the server and take a final backup Symbol wait.svg Doing... MP will bring to office on 11th May. MP has copied backup data onto hard drive, needs to take a new backup before bringing to office.
7. 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions KB/TM Log 'backup manager process for Rackspace' as a job on rt. TM and propose solutions for March meeting. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Proposed process will be discussed by Tech Committee at the AGM.
8 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions KB/MP KB to liaise with MP on the purchase of a physical external hard drive (either MP to purchase in Manchester and claim for, or KB to purchase and arrange for it to be posted to MP) to transfer the holding of backups to the office. Yes check.svg Done
9. 280213 Item 2.8 - Updates on Actions KB/TM/EE Add 'Backup routine' to agenda for April meeting of Technical Committee and work on recommendations with TM/EE Yes check.svg Done
10. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions KB/EE Catch up in Mid march to discuss implementation times of Civi CRM Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB has started this work but not had time to progress it post SF. Will schedule for w/c 13th May and liaise with EE. This is quite urgent now.
11. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions KB Put EE in touch with Civi developer community. Yes check.svg Done KB attended Civi CRM March meetup and we may well be hosting the May meetup in Development house!

Operational[edit | edit source]

Issue tracker[edit | edit source]

KB reported she was happy with the joint implementation of Bugzilla and a supporting Wiki for planning. However, tasks were now not being logged through those processes. Need to get to the point where other people are using so all project and community requests go through there.

In discussion the following points were noted:

There were not currently any bugzilla requests from volunteers yet because the system hadn't been opened up.

  • A concern that if a lots of varied requests would lead to difficulty prioritising.
  • A need to be a system for people who were not used to bugzilla to receive support or log requests.
  • A concern that lots of ideas and queries would use lots of developer time - this is something the office would have to manage in terms of costs
  • Would have to develop backlogs - lower priority bugs would take longer to be dealt with - this is something the office would have to manage in terms of expectations for delivery times
  • The long term aim had always been to make this something anyone could use to log ideas/bugs/requests with users just requesting an account

DT asked TM and EE if their workload was manageable currently? The consensus was that it was, and so it was worth moving on with opening up access and keeping under review if a problem develops.


  • KB to refer the question to Tech committee 'Should we make bugzilla available to the community to log bugs' - can then provide as recommendation to the board.
  • KB to work on language for the wiki page with TM to introduce people on how to use

The purpose and remit of the Tech@ mailing list was discussed. It was noted this had been initially used to coordinate bug reporting and other decision making/reporting, but this was becoming increasingly obsolete with the advent of Bugzilla and Techwiki. It might be better to open the list up, away from operational planning/delivery and more towards a forum for suggestions, questions, discussions and decisions for Tech Committee and interested community members. Different from other lists with a similar remit in that specifically to address UK Chapter involvement and work?


  • KB review list archives for anything sensitive (i.e. passwords), deal with as necessary (i.e. change passwords)
  • KB to invite identified members of the community interested in Tech Comm issues - Harry Burt, Rich Farnborough, Tom Morris, Charles Matthews, Gordon Joly etc - to tech@
  • KB to start on-list discussion to decide mailing list policy i.e. open/closed, who to invite, aim of list (what topics) etc.
  • DT to highlight tech work to Lua event attendees on the 19th May

QRpedia[edit | edit source]

KB summarised timeline for proceeding - Board to discuss on Saturday and decide whether to proceed - if they do, transfer of the domain could happen as early as w/c 13th May. However, it would depend on the manner of proceeding with transfer and any arrangements the board wished to put in place before doing so.

KB queried again that IP address data would be masked if the visitor stats page was public - EE confirmed this was the case and circulate the link to the test implementation.

Plan is transfer the domain, then re-direct visitors to the installation on our servers.

ACTION: Tom to contact Fasthosts about the migration process and any potential delay in transfer of the DNS ACTION: Emmanuel will ask the WMF to host code+tracker, official web page will be put on Meta ACTION: Roger and KB to work on list of users to contact and change in service and inform of date transfer when established.

Rackspace Backups[edit | edit source]

KB noted that by the Technology Committee meeting at the AGM the severs should be ready to go with a proposed backup software solution the Tech Committee will hopefully approve

ACTION; KB/TM to set up a day in the office to work through physical side of process after the Tech Committee meeting in June

Security audit[edit | edit source]

KB noted that ideally TM would speak with new staff, and there would be a whole-staff presence for an ICO half-day visit to the office in the summer. There would also need to be a security audit and policy review in September.


  • KB to book TM to speak with new staff, possibly in conjunction with visit to set up servers, if not, by Skype or Google hangout
  • KB to schedule ICO day (possibly with Trustees too i.e. before a board meeting?)
  • KB to schedule policy review and audit in September

CiviCRM[edit | edit source]

KB explained her lack of availability in bug testing the installation on the Drupal platform EE had put in place.


  • KB schedule and complete for w/c 13th May.
  • KB/EE Following this work, plan migration timetable

SAGE server[edit | edit source]

KB noted that RS had decided to prefer to use networked computers in the office, so the Charity's accounts will not be accessible remotely. To come off future agendas.

Installation of OTRS/Zendesk[edit | edit source]

EE noted he would be interested in carrying out the installation work.


  • KB to log request in Bugzilla and aim to get this done (installed) by end of May - assign to EE.

MP noted the OTRS installation process could be a bit 'glitchy' - backup first and install on a VM without much on it.

Hosting UK Wiki on our server[edit | edit source]

KB reviewed actions from Tech Committee on the 18th April, noting the overall plan was for Tech Committee to recommend a proposed course of action the the Board, with a view to proceeding in July.

MP noted not had chance to catch James Heilman in Milan


  • DT to email James Heilman instead.
  • KB to check if Katie had reached out to Eric about best people at WMF to contact re changes

EE noted that being able to work together with people at Hackathon would be good

KB queried how the proposal was developing - EE noted himself and TM were working on separate elements but it was expected to be completed in time for the planned AGM meeting.

Reporting on time spent on different tasks[edit | edit source]

KB reported that a Trustee had asked for a more specific reporting framework for how developer hours broke down against certain tasks.

There was some discussion about possible categorisation for development work, including:

Admin - servers, maintance, updates, migration Office operation - Civi CRM, Security review, Programatic - e.g. community requests - VLE - QRpedia - Other programmatic work


  • KB to circulate email to trustees with proposed catagories and ask for suggests
  • KB to set up a reproting section on uk wiki for end of May '13
  • KB and EE to send hours break-down to KB to then decide 'what goes where' in terms of agreed categories; then simply input directly into wiki on a monthly basis.

VLE[edit | edit source]

Noted that there had been progress, but KB needs to speak with TM to see how work is being logged and managed

ACTION - KB to approach Charles Matthews and work towards requests being logged in Bugzilla or other system if comfortable

Attending Amsterdam Hackathon[edit | edit source]

TM had left the meeting at this point due to lack of wireless signal

DT noted that EE had approached the Chapter noting that WMCH had offered to sponsor him to attend Amsterdamn Hackathon and queried whether WMUK could support his attending. DT and KB supportive - but felt it was fair to approach TM to see if he was interested in attending.

MP noted he was budget holder for the Development budget - KB acknowledged - need to know if TM could attend and then look at potential costs as a variance from planned spend before deciding.

EE noted that it would be about 300 euros towards expenses such as flights and accommodation.


  • KB to liaise with TM and EE on availability, costs and circulate an email to JD and MP to decide as budget holders

AOB.[edit | edit source]

There was none.

Date of next meetings.[edit | edit source]

ACTION: KB to circulate a doodle poll to hold the next meeting following the AGM, in mid-June.