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Attendance and Apologies[edit | edit source]

Updates on Actions from previous meetings[edit | edit source]

Item No Action Assigned to Update
1. 210113 - Item 2 - Progress Update KB to remind Staff and Trustees need to report slow page loading for EE/TD to address bugs. KB Yes check.svg Done
2. 210113 - Item 2 - Progress Update KB to ensure in future a cost/benefit review of server arrangements undertaken and presented to Tech Committee for consideration following discussion of options. KB There was discussion about the best timing of such a review, noting that in the course of the current financial year it was anticipated that WMUK's server would take on hosting its own wiki and QRpedia traffic, changing the demand and possible arrangements. However, a review should be undertaken as soon as practicable and useful, as part of best practice.
ACTION: KB to add to agenda of Technical Committee meeting in December 2013, prior to the start of a new financial year in Feb 2014.
3. 210113 - Item 3.1 - Issue Tracking KB to work with TM to set up a parallel bugzilla install with a project management extension, and test by end of Feb. KB/TM Yes check.svg Done
ACTION: TM to update KB by 05-04-13 as to when Task Juggler extension can be implemented. KB to test implementation and look at access control around all staff being able to access TaskJuggler as readers, and anyone being able to log bugs via bugzilla. Longer term goals to have write up on Wiki and promote availability to Wikimedia community.
4. 210113 - Item 3.3 - Backups KB to research costs of fireproof safe to inform a decision about on and off site back ups KB Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB reported that RS was looking into this - there would be a safe but it will not be purchased until the office move had taken place, in order to establish any limitations on space/access. The presumption of access to a secure and fireproof safe could be included in planning backup routines.
5. 210113 Item 3.3 - Backups Tech committee to consider having more than back up locations as part of consideration of security strategy. KB/Tech Comm Yes check.svg Done This had been added to the April agenda
6. 210113 Item 3.3 - Backups KB to get details of of current set-up and ask about how this might block server access - can they ftp onto our network? Follow up on advisement with TM. KB/TM Yes check.svg Done
ACTION: TM to progress with recommendations for a backup routine
ACTION: KB/TM to arrange a date for TM to visit Development House to set up fixed IP addressed and physical back up arrangements
ACTION: TM/KB to work out draft request to Ethical IT to have public IP allocation
ACTION: KB to ensure external hard drive returned from MP for this purpose (see Action 12)
7. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB to work on some straightforward guidance for trustees as a simple overview/checklist MP to review - perhaps in collaboration with the community or Tech Committee (can certainly draft on-wiki) KB Symbol wait.svg Doing...
ACTION: KB to contact User:Deskana for input, parallel to ongoing policy work around a formal complaints process. Aim to have final draft fixed for end of April.
8. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit Review registration of data protection details in light of changed staffing and systems. KB to factor this in to ongoing security review work with TM. KB/TM Symbol wait.svg Doing... Registration has been renewed.
9. 210113 Item 3.4.2 - Civi CRM KB log feature requests and bug requests in RT to mirror a global development page on wiki (rework the exisiting 'shopping list' page) KB X mark.svg Not done Discussed under Item 3.5. below.
10. 210113 Item 3.5 - Hosting UK Wiki on our server Move the larger question onto agenda of tech committee and look into getting more information about the implications. KB/Tech Comm Yes check.svg Done Planned process - Tech Committee to discuss ideas for dealing with this in April, and a proposal based on these discussions to be presented in June for recommendation to the Board.
ACTION: KB to contact Rich Farnborough to request input
ACTION: TM to chase up response to email sent to James Farrar in time for Tech Committee meeting.
11. 280213 Item 2.4 - Updates on Actions Update name of the organisational owner on UK Reg KB Yes check.svg Done
ACTION: KB remove any reference to Wiki Ltd UK as outdated.
12. 280213 Item 2.4 - Updates on Actions MP to shut down elements on the server and take a final backup MP X mark.svg Not done KB needs to send external drive for back up (see action 15)
13. 280213 Item 2.4 - Updates on Actions MP to log an rt ticket re problem with GLAMwiki. org. MP Yes check.svg Done
14. 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions Log 'backup manager process for Rackspace' as a job on rt. TM and propose solutions for March meeting. KB/TM Symbol wait.svg Doing... - Discussed in full under Item 3.3 below.
15. 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions purchase a physical hard drive and arrange for this to be posted to MP to undertake backup and shut down. KB/MP X mark.svg Not done Purchase of hard requested. :{{action} KB to action asap (chase request with Richard Symonds)
16. 280213 Item 2.8 - Updates on Actions Add 'Backup routine' to agenda for April meeting of Technical Committee and work on recommendations with TM/EE KB/TM/EE Yes check.svg Done
17. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions Catch up in Mid march to discuss implementation times of Civi CRM KB/EE X mark.svg Not done Discussed under Item 3.5. below.
18. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions Put EE in touch with Civi developer community. KB Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB attending a Civi CRM London meetup on 27-03-13
ACTION: KB to pass on email addresses to EE

Operational[edit | edit source]

Issue tracker[edit | edit source]

TM/KB would progress with the bugzilla and Task Juggler installations and update at next meeting, as per actions under Action 3 above.

QRpedia[edit | edit source]

It was noted that the domain transfer had yet to happen, pending two legal issues which the Board was taking under advisement.

ACTION: KB to contact RB before 28-03-13 to discuss outstanding work from Technical Committee around documenting existing users on wiki.
ACTION: KB to progress other actions as agreed in February developer progress update meeting

Rackspace Backups[edit | edit source]

It was noted TM was developing proposed solutions to a Backup routine. TM noted he was looking at competing software options - aiming to use something user friendly enough for non technically expert staff to use successfully. TM would need to have had a bit more time to propose a solution before coming into the office to sort the local/on site arrangements as per Action Item 6.

ACTION: TM to recommend solution to Technical Committee by 18th April, look to implement shortly after.
ACTION: KB to ask about delay with Ethical IT in port set up, and arrange an in-person day at the office to implement arrangements based on this.
ACTION: KB to email KTC to suggest involvement in backing up physically at the office

Security audit[edit | edit source]

It was noted that three new members of staff had joined Wikimedia UK, and would require some basic training around

ACTION: KB to look at available ICO training guidance for small organisations and work on adapting on wiki to complement policies
ACTION: TM to schedule in-office visit around setting up backups with new staff in mind, to organise a face-to-face hour for discussions and questions based on guidance

KB noted the long term goal for the staff and possibly trustee teams to have an ICO audit visit day.

Civi CRM[edit | edit source]

EE reported that the most up to date versions of Civi CRM and the Drupal platform were now installed on the server. Data had been migrated, and the next step would be recreate log ons, which would be in place by 05-04-13.

ACTION: EE to send log in and password to KB when created
ACTION: KB to schedule a bug testing day with EE in second week of April
ACTION: KB to roll over Action 9 from outstanding actions - and log further requests during bug testing and for future development via Bugzilla and Task Juggler, treating Civi CRM development as a project with sub tasks for installations of extenstions etc.

SAGE server[edit | edit source]

KB reported Richard Symonds had been unable to get the specification to her prior to the meeting.

ACTION: TM to take this forward with Richard Symonds by emailing to get clarification on functionality required, and then asking Richard to log on Bugzilla as a project (NB the logging will have to follow creation of functionality for public user accounts on Bugzilla).

Installation of OTRS/Zendesk[edit | edit source]

KB noted the long standing intention to install a ticketing CRM system on the QMUK server to manage the queries received by fundraising@ and membership@ to better track and report on response times, satisfaction and allow other staff to act as agents in her absence using templates. KB noted she continued to be impressed by the functionality of Zendesk, as used by WMF customer correspondence agents, but felt at this stage OTRS was a better solution in terms of being freely licensed. This may need to be reviewed should the volume or complexity of Wikimedia UKs correspondence change with respect of donors or members - for example, if directly managing the fundraiser - but trailing OTRS for now would be appropriate.

ACTION: KB to log this request via new ticketing system when Task Juggler set up, and use to trial the project management element of the software.

Hosting UK Wiki on our server[edit | edit source]

DT noted one of the biggest problem would be not being able to get details of all accounts, and noted that Rich Farnborough would be able to write script/bot using Special:list users that could compare all users to current active users. TM noted this would help get an idea of scale of active users as a proportion of all active users.

ACTION: KB to ask Rich Farnborugh if able to assist, and invite to Technical Committee meeting.

AOB.[edit | edit source]

VLE[edit | edit source]

KB noted progress on this had halted after being discussed in February, and there had been confusion on her part round whether Charles Matthews had given apologies for the previous meeting of the Technical Committee, which compounded this.

KB noted this work needed to be pushed on in a more timely fashion - Charles Matthews had convened a meeting on 28-03-13 which would be a good opportunity to try and clarify technical specifications. Failing that, KB would email CM and TM to try and ensure the specifications could be agreed and the work logged via Bugzilla.

ACTION: KB to make sure that CM involved in forthcoming Technical Committee meeting by asking about his communication preferences
ACTION: KB to liaise with CM/TM following meeting on 28-03-13 to get specifications - aim to have Wikimedia UK responsible for back ups in place by end of April

Date of next meetings.[edit | edit source]

KB noted she would be visiting the Wikimedia Foundation 23-04-13 - 27-04-13, and on annual leave 29-04-13 - 03-05-13, and whilst working and contactable in the last week of April, she would prefer to slightly delay the next progress meeting, rather than split her focus too much while on an important visit - she would still be contactable throughout this week however

Date of next meeting: 15:00 - 16:30 (UTC+1) 07-05-13