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Our members are fundamental to our activities and we welcome everyone who supports our aims to join us.


  • You are supporting our goals and our work
  • You can vote at our Annual General Meetings, where our Board is elected and administrative motions are passed
  • You can apply for Project grants
  • You can join our discussion mail list to participate in planning new events and policy improvement


Membership is open to all; you do not have to live in the UK, be over a certain age or be editors of any of the Wikimedia Foundation projects. All we ask is that members agree to support our Objects and not to bring Wikimedia UK into disrepute.

Members must disclose to Wikimedia UK their full name and residential address; but they don't have to disclose their username on any of the Wikimedia projects. The personal data is included in the chapter's Register of Members, and this is made available to anyone with reasonable cause requesting the information. If you aren't comfortable disclosing this information, please still consider donating to the chapter instead, and supporting our activities by your participation.

Membership fee

The current membership fee is £5 per year.

You can join online. Our preferred way for you to join and donate is online using the form provided. Other ways are possible, and you should consult the Help link above if you would prefer to pay or donate by a different method. The link also gives details of membership handling, and corporate membership. If you still have any queries, please contact

Membership FAQ

You may find it useful to look at the information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.