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Nov 18 20:29:18 <mpeel>	so, we're just missing Andrew?
Nov 18 20:29:26 <KTC>	yes
Nov 18 20:29:37 <Warofdreams>	yes; does anyone have any message from him?
Nov 18 20:30:11 <mpeel>	he did put a draft Secretary's Report onto meta, but I assumed he would be here...
Nov 18 20:30:25 <mpeel>	cfp, are you there?
Nov 18 20:31:12 <cfp>	yeah hi
Nov 18 20:31:23 <KTC>	let's wait a few minutes
Nov 18 20:31:38 <Warofdreams>	yes; I expect he'll be along any minute
Nov 18 20:36:04 <KTC>	no answer on his phone, i guess he might be driving home or something
Nov 18 20:36:10 <KTC>	let's start in the mean time
Nov 18 20:36:22 <KTC>	we can move things around on the agenda if need be
Nov 18 20:36:34 <KTC>	Agenda -
Nov 18 20:36:43 <KTC>	Minutes of last meeting -
Nov 18 20:37:05 <KTC>	any correction for the last minute ? 
Nov 18 20:37:23 <mpeel>	I posted some to the talk page, which have mostly been changed. There were a couple of others, though...
Nov 18 20:37:27 <Warofdreams>	note that I have made a few corrections since originally putting the minutes up
Nov 18 20:37:41 <mpeel>	AOCB -> AGM -> "ACTION: TH to further investigate possible venue for AGM." is this correct, or should this have been an action on me?
Nov 18 20:38:42 <KTC>	it should be mpeel
Nov 18 20:38:46 <Warofdreams>	Yes, you're quite right
Nov 18 20:38:58 <Warofdreams>	I corrected the text but forgot the action
Nov 18 20:39:08 <cfp>	oh i saw that and thought i'd agreed something without remembering it
Nov 18 20:39:16 <cfp>	i did investigate another possible venue
Nov 18 20:39:23 <cfp>	and have been given an in principal ok
Nov 18 20:39:35 <KTC>	free or cost?
Nov 18 20:40:10 <mpeel>	oh, ok - that can be left as it was then.
Nov 18 20:40:19 <cfp>	free
Nov 18 20:40:31 <KTC>	oxford ? 
Nov 18 20:40:40 <Warofdreams>	MP - I would like to correct this, to represent what we discussed in the meeting
Nov 18 20:40:45 <mpeel>	ok
Nov 18 20:40:57 <cfp>	yeah oxford. it should represent what was discussed in the meeting.
Nov 18 20:41:06 <mpeel>	the other comment/question I had was with regards to corrections to minutes: could these be done in the minutes of the appropriate meeting as standard, rather than mentioned in the next meeting's minutes as some of them have been?
Nov 18 20:41:47 <KTC>	yep, it's just whethere there's any additional changes / question regarding it
Nov 18 20:41:57 <Warofdreams>	mpeel: Could you clarify that?  I've been correcting the minutes of the appropriate meeting, and then minuting the correction in the subsequent meeting
Nov 18 20:42:09 <Warofdreams>	which has been standard practice where I've minuted in the past
Nov 18 20:42:32 <mpeel>	Warofdreams: OK, sorry, I might have missed that. I was under the impression that you were just noting the corrections in the subsequent meeting.
Nov 18 20:42:51 <KTC>	right, any further comment on the last minute?
Nov 18 20:43:20 <cfp>	not from me.
Nov 18 20:43:54 *	ChanServ gives channel operator status to wknight8111
Nov 18 20:43:59 <KTC>	4.1 chapter status then
Nov 18 20:44:04 <KTC>	um hold on
Nov 18 20:44:07 *	ChanServ removes channel operator status from wknight8111
Nov 18 20:44:11 *	ChanServ gives voice to wknight8111
Nov 18 20:44:14 <KTC>	that's better :D
Nov 18 20:44:23 <wknight8111>	okay, thanks!
Nov 18 20:44:43 <wknight8111>	I'm proud to report that the chapcom has passed a resolution to recognize you as a Wikimedia Chapter
Nov 18 20:44:46 <wknight8111>	However,
Nov 18 20:44:58 <wknight8111>	We still need to wait for board approval before anything is official
Nov 18 20:45:24 <wknight8111>	Our resolution also recommended that the board no longer recognize the current WMUK as a chapter anymore
Nov 18 20:45:34 <cfp>	which will be in january?
Nov 18 20:45:37 <wknight8111>	So the board may take some time to mull that over
Nov 18 20:45:48 <wknight8111>	I don't know when the board will make the decision, no
Nov 18 20:46:00 <mpeel>	have you received, or will you be sending, the 3 month's notice from/to WMUK1, or is that not needed?
Nov 18 20:46:01 <wknight8111>	it could be within weeks or months, depending how much we nag them about it :)
Nov 18 20:46:29 <wknight8111>	congratulations on passing chapcom, I wish you all luck, and if you need anything I'm usually a good resource
Nov 18 20:46:30 <Warofdreams>	Michael Snow implied that the board would act on recommendations from ChapCom at the next meeting, which would be January
Nov 18 20:46:56 <wknight8111>	I've seen times when the board "forgot" to act on resolutions we've sent them
Nov 18 20:46:59 <wknight8111>	not often, but it has happened
Nov 18 20:47:14 <wknight8111>	so I dont make any promises
Nov 18 20:47:29 <wknight8111>	that's all for my report
Nov 18 20:47:34 <KTC>	thank you wknight8111 
Nov 18 20:47:39 <Warofdreams>	yes, thank you
Nov 18 20:47:43 <cfp>	mpeel: i wasn't aware of this 3 months notice thing. that's as regards the trademark?
Nov 18 20:47:51 <cfp>	wknight8111: thanks for that good news.
Nov 18 20:47:51 <mpeel>	"The term of this agreement is one year and is automatically renewed unless either party gives notice three months in advance. Notice of revocation needs to be made in writing and given to the other party. Upon termination of this agreement, the chapter will cease to be recognized."
Nov 18 20:47:59 <KTC>	the standard chapter agreement termation is 3 months notice
Nov 18 20:48:10 <KTC>	or when the chapter fold
Nov 18 20:48:10 <mpeel>	I'm not sure whether the three months apply just to renewal, or to termination in general.
Nov 18 20:48:22 <cfp>	ahha. potentially they will have ceased to exist as a legal entity by then anyway
Nov 18 20:49:21 <KTC>	if WER Ltd. haven't folded yet by Jan, they can always give their agreement to a new chapter being recognized in the UK
Nov 18 20:50:02 <Warofdreams>	and they have already stated that they are happy to write a letter to that effect
Nov 18 20:50:09 <KTC>	Warofdreams, can you add an apology from Andrew for this meeting please, he won't be able to make it
Nov 18 20:50:15 <mpeel>	I couldn't see that in the contract, and am not well versed enough in english law to know whether ceasing to exist or giving agreement was sufficient...
Nov 18 20:50:17 <Warofdreams>	will do.
Nov 18 20:50:50 <KTC>	"The Foundation will not seek to create or authorize the creation of any additional chapter within this geographic region without consulting with the Chapter."
Nov 18 20:51:11 <Warofdreams>	the Foundation have access to legal advice, so will be better placed to decide
Nov 18 20:51:48 <Warofdreams>	however, I was under the impression that WERL have already been given notice by the Foundation
Nov 18 20:51:51 <mpeel>	sorry: I should have said "the laws of the United States of America and the State of California" rather than english law.
Nov 18 20:52:03 <Warofdreams>	which is what prompted the formation of our organisation
Nov 18 20:52:17 <Warofdreams>	however, this may not have been formal and in writing
Nov 18 20:52:45 <KTC>	either way, i don't forsee a problem
Nov 18 20:52:57 <KTC>	unless there's anything else on this point, shall we move on ?
Nov 18 20:53:24 <mpeel>	so long as we're happy that it won't be a problem, then "wohoo!" to the good news, and I'm happy for us to move on.
Nov 18 20:53:49 *	ChanServ removes voice from wknight8111
Nov 18 20:53:58 <KTC>	4.2 Expense claim forms
Nov 18 20:54:12 <KTC>	cfp, i'll email you a complete one later tonight
Nov 18 20:54:24 <KTC>	just been doing other things
Nov 18 20:54:38 <KTC>	and seeing we don't have any money for you to pay me yet :D
Nov 18 20:54:56 *	wknight8111 has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 20:55:21 <cfp>	thanks ktc
Nov 18 20:55:30 <cfp>	i'm also still waiting for one from mickey
Nov 18 20:55:42 <Warofdreams>	I will need to post one, as I have rail tickets to enclose
Nov 18 20:55:44 <cfp>	the 2 that i have received and mine add up to £110.10
Nov 18 20:55:58 <Warofdreams>	My expenses were around £10
Nov 18 20:56:15 <cfp>	nah don't worry about the tickets for now
Nov 18 20:56:26 <KTC>	mine's around £10 too
Nov 18 20:56:31 <Warofdreams>	OK, in that case, I can e-mail it through tonight.
Nov 18 20:56:48 <KTC>	just don't lose your ticket/reciept Warofdreams  ;)
Nov 18 20:56:51 <cfp>	the important thing for now is just that i have the totals etc. things like tickets can be brought to the meeting at which they're signed
Nov 18 20:57:03 <cfp>	k thanks wod, i should have been clearer perhaps.
Nov 18 20:57:08 <Warofdreams>	:) well, if I lose it, it's my own loss
Nov 18 20:57:27 <KTC>	are we all happy otherwise ?
Nov 18 20:57:52 <cfp>	all fine my end.
Nov 18 20:58:13 <cfp>	onto 4.2?
Nov 18 20:58:31 <Warofdreams>	that was 4.2
Nov 18 20:58:35 <Warofdreams>	onto 4.3!
Nov 18 20:58:38 *	shimgray ( has joined #wikimedia-uk-board
Nov 18 20:58:52 <cfp>	the business plan is just about complete here: (oh it's still missing an executive summary but that's barely even necessary for one this short)
Nov 18 20:59:13 <cfp>	i phoned up the coop and was told that all they were looking for was a half page summary of what you're going to be doing
Nov 18 20:59:25 <cfp>	they didn't particularly want a financial statement etc etc.
Nov 18 20:59:38 <cfp>	so i think what i have there is probably more than adequate.
Nov 18 20:59:58 <cfp>	(providing no one disagrees with e.g. the proposed charitable activities)
Nov 18 21:00:47 <Warofdreams>	it looks fine to me
Nov 18 21:00:59 <Warofdreams>	good work!
Nov 18 21:01:07 <KTC>	thanks cfp
Nov 18 21:01:10 <mpeel>	shouldn't the "Planned charitable activities" be "Potential charity activities", being as no-one's decided (or can decide) exactly what WMUK2 will do?
Nov 18 21:01:18 <KTC>	you might have to explain what "Information acquisition" is, but otherwise looks good :)
Nov 18 21:01:34 <Warofdreams>	mpeel: yes, I agree there.
Nov 18 21:01:52 <Warofdreams>	it's unlikely that we will do all of these things, at least in the first couple of years
Nov 18 21:02:11 <cfp>	well i thought planned as potential was a bit too open
Nov 18 21:02:23 <cfp>	it's not a legally binding document.
Nov 18 21:02:37 <KTC>	what about andrew's comments on the talk page?
Nov 18 21:02:41 <mpeel>	I'd say potential, and then have a short paragraph qualifying it.
Nov 18 21:03:13 <Warofdreams>	I don't know how closely the Coop will be inspecting it, but if I were them, I'd be wondering how this long list of planned activities tallies with a predicted income which could be in the low hundreds
Nov 18 21:03:38 <Warofdreams>	so I think we should clarify this
Nov 18 21:03:45 <cfp>	yeah ok.
Nov 18 21:04:13 <cfp>	i hadn't noticed the talk page until now. (oops). the 20 figure i quoted was for between now and the agm.
Nov 18 21:04:23 <mpeel>	Financial Plan -> Planned fundraising -> Membership, "For at least the next 6 months we expect membership fees to be the charity's sole source of income." - I'd change "sole" to "primary".
Nov 18 21:04:24 <cfp>	i should make that clearer. and perhaps that it's a lower bound
Nov 18 21:04:31 <cfp>	ok
Nov 18 21:05:10 <mpeel>	actually, should I just make my suggested changes on the talk page, and/or put them in place myself, rather than bringing them all up here and now?
Nov 18 21:05:41 <cfp>	feel free to just edit the document yourself
Nov 18 21:06:06 <mpeel>	when does the document need to be finished?
Nov 18 21:06:18 <KTC>	if you can do it in place during the meeting now, i would like to approve the plan this meeting
Nov 18 21:06:40 <mpeel>	can we return to this later then, please?
Nov 18 21:06:47 <KTC>	*nod*
Nov 18 21:06:49 <cfp>	ok.
Nov 18 21:07:16 <KTC>	bank account
Nov 18 21:07:26 <KTC>	how's that going?
Nov 18 21:07:38 <KTC>	aside from waiting for an approved business plan
Nov 18 21:08:17 <cfp>	i just received my first completed section 5 from mike today
Nov 18 21:08:23 <cfp>	so i need another 3.
Nov 18 21:08:34 <cfp>	also not had the certified documents from andrew.
Nov 18 21:08:43 <mpeel>	I was expecting to apologise for the delay with that - I only posted it on sunday. :-/
Nov 18 21:08:50 <Warofdreams>	I sent mine on Friday, so I hope that you will receive it very soon
Nov 18 21:09:28 <KTC>	another 2? 4 - your own - 1 received
Nov 18 21:09:53 <KTC>	i assume the certified doc will come with section 5 from andrew at the same time
Nov 18 21:10:54 <cfp>	so one is sent, one is en route, one is waiting for other stuff (from andrew) so that just leaves yours ktc
Nov 18 21:11:30 <KTC>	um, was i suppose to send you one?
Nov 18 21:11:37 <cfp>	no indeed.
Nov 18 21:11:39 <KTC>	"ACTION: AT, MC and MP to complete and send on forms. ..."
Nov 18 21:11:42 <cfp>	you weren't
Nov 18 21:11:44 <cfp>	sorry ktc.
Nov 18 21:12:33 <KTC>	so is the application ready to be sent off once you get all the forms and cert docs ?
Nov 18 21:12:45 <KTC>	(and a ready business plan)
Nov 18 21:12:52 <cfp>	so it sounds like we're very much en route. i need to organise a few things with andrew as regards going forwards and backwards
Nov 18 21:13:22 <cfp>	"ready to be sent off" is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but within days of having everything together certainly
Nov 18 21:13:33 <KTC>	ok :)
Nov 18 21:14:20 <KTC>	4.5 Non-English translation ?
Nov 18 21:14:30 <Warofdreams>	I've rather held off on this...
Nov 18 21:14:37 <Warofdreams>	I investigated cy
Nov 18 21:15:00 <Warofdreams>	and realised that I could make a rather more coherent request once we had something to translate
Nov 18 21:15:18 <Warofdreams>	which we now have (provided we are happy with the newsletter summary)
Nov 18 21:15:32 <Warofdreams>	I haven't had any e-mails from the request on the mailing list
Nov 18 21:16:15 <Warofdreams>	We might like to prepare a standard request for other language editions of Wikimedia projects
Nov 18 21:16:32 <Warofdreams>	asking people to get involved; translation would be nice
Nov 18 21:17:15 <Warofdreams>	but also to suggest how their project and the chapter could best relate - how could we help their project?
Nov 18 21:17:43 <Warofdreams>	and how can they best get involved?
Nov 18 21:18:44 <Warofdreams>	I would be happy to draft a paragraph or two and e-mail it around the board; it would be good if we can say that it is an official request
Nov 18 21:18:53 <KTC>	that would be great
Nov 18 21:19:44 <Warofdreams>	ok, unless their are any objections, I will action myself
Nov 18 21:19:48 <Warofdreams>	*there
Nov 18 21:20:10 <KTC>	what's next
Nov 18 21:20:15 <KTC>	right, 4.7 Wiki Educational Resource Ltd.
Nov 18 21:20:26 <KTC>	seeing as andrew isn't here
Nov 18 21:20:31 <mpeel>	are we skipping the newsletter, then?
Nov 18 21:20:36 <mpeel>	§4.6
Nov 18 21:20:37 <KTC>	ooo
Nov 18 21:20:39 <KTC>	sorry
Nov 18 21:20:42 <KTC>	thank  you
Nov 18 21:20:45 <KTC>	newsletter!!
Nov 18 21:21:06 <KTC>	great work everyone else
Nov 18 21:21:11 <Warofdreams>	the draft is at []
Nov 18 21:21:30 <Warofdreams>	it's been an excellent collaborative effort
Nov 18 21:21:33 <KTC>	i was thinking of adding in any resolutions we might pass tonight
Nov 18 21:21:41 <KTC>	but i can't think of what else
Nov 18 21:22:23 <Warofdreams>	I'd like to suggest updating it in the light of tonight's meeting, by tomorrow evening
Nov 18 21:22:29 <Warofdreams>	then marking it as the final version
Nov 18 21:22:56 <Warofdreams>	and asking MP to start circulating it
Nov 18 21:23:13 <KTC>	i'm happy with that
Nov 18 21:23:21 <cfp>	thanks for all your work on that, i confess i haven't edited it, but it looks good
Nov 18 21:23:56 <Warofdreams>	is everyone happy with the summary?  I added that earlier today, and it will be rather visible
Nov 18 21:25:13 <KTC>	happy :)
Nov 18 21:25:28 <mpeel>	We should have a subscribe link somewhere, but I don't know if that should be in the summary.
Nov 18 21:25:56 <mpeel>	(to clarify: it isn't in the summary atm, but I was considering suggesting that it was added)=
Nov 18 21:26:22 <mpeel>	I like the summary, though - it's snappy and to the point.
Nov 18 21:26:37 <KTC>	it could be a small paragraph / sentence at the end, like they have in mailing list message
Nov 18 21:26:47 <KTC>	to subscribe/unsubscribe, do this
Nov 18 21:27:39 <Warofdreams>	or we could have a link immediately under the title reading "(subscribe now)" or similar
Nov 18 21:28:06 <KTC>	that also work :)
Nov 18 21:28:41 <KTC>	my internet seems to be going at 1Kbps atm, someone else will have to add it :(
Nov 18 21:29:01 <Warofdreams>	we should link the title to the newsletter when the summary is distributed
Nov 18 21:29:23 <mpeel>	I'll modify the template at some point to auto-produce the summary of the newsletter...
Nov 18 21:30:04 <Warofdreams>	excellent.  I'll put that down as an action for you.
Nov 18 21:30:22 <KTC>	are we happy for this to go out tomorrow then?
Nov 18 21:30:27 <KTC>	(i think that was the suggestion)
Nov 18 21:30:42 <mpeel>	subject to further editing, yup.
Nov 18 21:31:18 <Warofdreams>	yes
Nov 18 21:32:31 <Warofdreams>	cfp, are you happy for it to go out tomorrow?
Nov 18 21:33:09 <cfp>	yup
Nov 18 21:33:45 <KTC>	4.7 now? which will be refered to next meeting, or later if andrew suddenly turns up later
Nov 18 21:34:17 <Warofdreams>	agreed.  4.8, then?
Nov 18 21:34:21 <KTC>	4.8 # Standard company text
Nov 18 21:34:31 <KTC>	that was sent round by andrew
Nov 18 21:34:33 <KTC>	happy with it?
Nov 18 21:34:36 <cfp>	the message with this i presume is "use it"
Nov 18 21:34:43 <cfp>	there's no scope for happiness or otherwise.
Nov 18 21:34:52 <cfp>	it's what the law dictates we use.
Nov 18 21:34:53 <KTC>	happy with it being correct was what i meant?
Nov 18 21:35:17 <Warofdreams>	we could decide to reformat it, reorder some text, add other info - but I am happy with it as Andrew has sent it round
Nov 18 21:35:42 <mpeel>	looks fine to me.
Nov 18 21:35:49 <cfp>	yup seems fine.
Nov 18 21:36:22 <KTC>	4.9 is HMRC tax exempt status application. again, something that was action andrew, so next meeting
Nov 18 21:36:29 <KTC>	unless anyone has anything to say on it
Nov 18 21:36:48 <Warofdreams>	not me.  perhaps this will be the shortest meeting yet? :)
Nov 18 21:37:07 <KTC>	4.10 Direct Debit setup, cfp, have you had a chance to look into this?
Nov 18 21:38:33 *	Seddon has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 21:39:18 <cfp>	no i meant to ask the coop when i phoned, but it slipped my mind. i will do before sending anything off.
Nov 18 21:39:28 *	Seddon (i=83fb8d75@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikimedia-uk-board
Nov 18 21:39:58 <KTC>	4.11 AGM venue. we kinda covered this at the start
Nov 18 21:40:00 <cfp>	(it would be foolish to go with the coop if they're going to make it prohibitively difficult to get direct debit approval, though there's no reason they should be any different to any other bank)
Nov 18 21:40:18 <KTC>	yeah
Nov 18 21:40:33 <KTC>	anything else to add to 4.11 at this moment ?
Nov 18 21:40:35 <cfp>	yeah so i have a provisional offer from balliol to use its main lecture room, which holds 50 or so
Nov 18 21:40:50 <KTC>	cool :)
Nov 18 21:40:59 <cfp>	i have been given a form to fill in to make this more concrete, which has to go for approval from various people
Nov 18 21:41:19 <cfp>	but i don't want to mess them around if we don't want a meeting in oxford in principal
Nov 18 21:41:23 <mpeel>	I should say that I've been investigating the situation at Manchester a little, but I have yet to get very far. If we can get a room at Oxford for free, then I'll stop investigating manchester.
Nov 18 21:41:24 <Warofdreams>	Balliol sounds a very promising venue, particularly given the Wikimania bid
Nov 18 21:41:41 <Warofdreams>	Seddon>	is the AGM going to be moved around the country each year to ensure over time, as many people get a chance to take part
Nov 18 21:42:31 <cfp>	ok so everyone is ok with me making my request more official? do we have a reasonably firm provisional date?
Nov 18 21:42:37 <mpeel>	one thing that needs to be factored in is transportation for the board - do we cover that ourselves, or claim it back from the company?
Nov 18 21:43:02 <KTC>	*look at what MoA/AoA about board members and AGM*
Nov 18 21:44:21 <cfp>	i think since we want the board to all be there, the company will pay for them.
Nov 18 21:44:38 <KTC>	*nod*
Nov 18 21:45:06 <Warofdreams>	agreed.  if we feel guilty/don't need all the money, we can make a donation to the company
Nov 18 21:45:32 <KTC>	being at the general meeting is certainly part of the duties of being a member of the board
Nov 18 21:45:41 <mpeel>	would it be cheaper to have the AGM more centrally located within the board, then, rather than further down south, even if we have to pay for a room? (apologies: I'm playing devil's advocate here a little...)
Nov 18 21:45:44 <cfp>	agm date(s)?
Nov 18 21:45:50 <KTC>	of course Warofdreams, we can donate even if we don't feel guilty ;)
Nov 18 21:45:56 <cfp>	no that's certainly possible.
Nov 18 21:45:58 <Warofdreams>	:D
Nov 18 21:46:25 <cfp>	it cost me about £30 to get to derby, with a young person's railcard.
Nov 18 21:46:37 <KTC>	mpeel, we should be worry more about whether our members can get to it
Nov 18 21:46:38 <Warofdreams>	mpeel: certainly worth investigating.  the only difficulty, as we found before, is that none of us is really located very centrally, making it difficult to organise a venue centrally
Nov 18 21:46:48 <KTC>	instead of saving a little bit on travel for board members
Nov 18 21:47:04 <cfp>	and i imagine if we hire a venue we're probably talking in the £100s
Nov 18 21:47:09 <mpeel>	I'm just raising the issue. I would be happy for it to be in oxford, especially as that's more centrally located in the population of the UK.
Nov 18 21:47:28 <Warofdreams>	true, although central for the board would be likely to be central for most members
Nov 18 21:47:57 <cfp>	i think it's worth while someone phoning a few pubs in birmingham though to see how much we'd have to eat and drink to get a room for free
Nov 18 21:47:57 <cfp>	brb
Nov 18 21:48:12 <mpeel>	warofdreams: only if we fail to get > 5 members, I'd expect...
Nov 18 21:48:59 <Warofdreams>	mpeel: central for the board would be Birmingham or Derby; that's fairly central for the population of the country
Nov 18 21:49:14 <KTC>	*population of england
Nov 18 21:50:04 <mpeel>	oh, ok - I thought it was further south than that.
Nov 18 21:51:17 <Warofdreams>	I'm also surprised; Birmingham is fairly central geographically for England, so I would have thought the population centre would be further south
Nov 18 21:51:44 <cfp>	it might be milton keynes instead
Nov 18 21:52:13 <KTC>	right, are we happy to move on ?
Nov 18 21:52:19 <cfp>	but i think if you weight by ease of access or something i think birmingham comes out top. i'm sure i read it somewhere.
Nov 18 21:52:35 <cfp>	not quite ktc. if i'm going to make my oxford room request official i need a date
Nov 18 21:52:42 <cfp>	or at least a selection of candidate dates
Nov 18 21:52:43 <KTC>	oh right
Nov 18 21:52:58 <mpeel>	are we in a position where we can estimate a date accurately yet?
Nov 18 21:53:02 <cfp>	do you all still want me to do this? and do we have a stab at a date?
Nov 18 21:53:07 <KTC>	i'm not sure we're there yet
Nov 18 21:53:48 <KTC>	what's the prerequistie of us holding an AGM?
Nov 18 21:53:59 <KTC>	we have a bank account, we've accepted members
Nov 18 21:54:09 <cfp>	ok i will hold off applying officially for at least another week
Nov 18 21:54:25 <Warofdreams>	the timeline proposes 18th Jan; this could still work, but we might also consider later dates
Nov 18 21:54:26 <KTC>	do we have to / want to be an official chapter first ?
Nov 18 21:54:30 <mpeel>	how long a notice do they need to be given?
Nov 18 21:54:41 <KTC>	21 days i think *check*
Nov 18 21:54:56 <KTC>	oh they being oxford? *look at cfp*
Nov 18 21:55:02 <mpeel>	by "they" I was meaning oxford
Nov 18 21:55:12 <mpeel>	I doubt we'll be an official chapter before we announce the AGM.
Nov 18 21:55:13 <KTC>	i worked that out after i typed my message ;)
Nov 18 21:55:14 <cfp>	umm hard to know.
Nov 18 21:55:16 <Warofdreams>	it would be nice to be an official chapter, but we won't know until after the Foundation meet (9-11 Jan), which would be quite late to call the AGM
Nov 18 21:55:28 <cfp>	the more we give the less chance there is it'll be booked up then
Nov 18 21:55:41 <Warofdreams>	with any luck, we should be an official chapter by the time the AGM happens
Nov 18 21:55:48 <Warofdreams>	which is the key thing
Nov 18 21:56:04 <mpeel>	my suggestion would be that we get a bank account and be accepting members prior to booking a room for the AGM.
Nov 18 21:56:17 <KTC>	i'm happy with that suggestion
Nov 18 21:56:25 <cfp>	ok
Nov 18 21:56:49 <Warofdreams>	ok.  Is it possible to reserve a room?
Nov 18 21:56:49 <cfp>	next?
Nov 18 21:57:19 <cfp>	at balliol? yes
Nov 18 21:57:44 <Warofdreams>	so we could reserve soon and confirm the booking later
Nov 18 21:58:51 <cfp>	oh i see what you mean. it'd be good if we were faily sure when we booked
Nov 18 21:59:11 <Warofdreams>	ok, that's fine.
Nov 18 21:59:24 <KTC>	next?
Nov 18 21:59:45 <KTC>	how we doing with the business plan update?
Nov 18 21:59:49 <mpeel>	I'm happy for us to return to the business plan whenever, btw.
Nov 18 21:59:54 <KTC>	now?
Nov 18 22:00:01 <mpeel>	fine by me
Nov 18 22:00:05 <KTC>	one of the resolution is approve the business plan
Nov 18 22:00:35 <mpeel>	it is still lacking an executive summary, but I'm now fairly happy with the rest of it.
Nov 18 22:01:10 <KTC>	why do we have "Wiki UK Limited is a Company ...." twice ?
Nov 18 22:01:31 <cfp>	the bottom one won't be printed
Nov 18 22:01:41 <KTC>	ok
Nov 18 22:01:54 <mpeel>	I've removed the template; it isn't necessary with the text in the document itself.
Nov 18 22:02:08 <cfp>	ok
Nov 18 22:03:17 <cfp>	everyone happy with it as is now?
Nov 18 22:03:36 <KTC>	give me a sec
Nov 18 22:04:18 <cfp>	thanks for your help by the way mike
Nov 18 22:04:30 <mpeel>	thanks for letting me edit it.
Nov 18 22:04:46 <mpeel>	... and thanks for writing the document, too. :)
Nov 18 22:04:50 <KTC>	looks good :)
Nov 18 22:04:59 <KTC>	thank you everyone who's worked on it! :)
Nov 18 22:05:19 <KTC>	we all happy ?
Nov 18 22:05:28 <cfp>	wod?
Nov 18 22:05:31 <mpeel>	Warofdreams?
Nov 18 22:05:40 <Warofdreams>	yes, I'm happy
Nov 18 22:05:49 <Warofdreams>	it looks good
Nov 18 22:06:36 <KTC>	right 5.
Nov 18 22:06:41 <KTC>
Nov 18 22:07:39 <cfp>	cool. that looks like everything.
Nov 18 22:08:08 <Warofdreams>	shouldn't we list Andrew's appointment as secretary?
Nov 18 22:08:09 <mpeel>	do we need to cover the company name / setup?
Nov 18 22:08:26 <KTC>	no
Nov 18 22:08:29 <cfp>	he's down as the secretary on the form, as is the company name etc
Nov 18 22:08:41 <KTC>	what cfp said
Nov 18 22:08:45 <mpeel>	ok
Nov 18 22:08:46 <cfp>	my only query would be whether any more details were needed
Nov 18 22:08:47 <Warofdreams>	ok
Nov 18 22:08:54 <KTC>	those are already legal as part the company incoropation
Nov 18 22:09:10 <cfp>	what do company resolutions usually look like?
Nov 18 22:09:18 <KTC>	*shrug*
Nov 18 22:09:23 <Warofdreams>	presumably, if it later became apparent that we had missed anything, we could simply vote on it then
Nov 18 22:09:31 <KTC>	the wmf board resoultion is a simply statement similar
Nov 18 22:09:55 <KTC>	with the public version saying "the board resolves that ....", and "passed with ..."
Nov 18 22:10:13 <cfp>	i remember in my limited involvement with student politics that resolutions were inevitably long tedious things with multiple sections (facts, beliefs, actions)
Nov 18 22:10:23 <KTC>	i'll add those if/when we approve it
Nov 18 22:10:30 <KTC>	cfp, i remember those as well :D
Nov 18 22:10:33 <cfp>	cool. if we can get away without such bureaucracy it'd certainly be good
Nov 18 22:10:47 <Warofdreams>	that's because the point of a student political resolution is somewhat different
Nov 18 22:10:59 <cfp>	to show how clever the individual writing it is?
Nov 18 22:11:10 <mpeel>	erm... isn't Andrew the only one that can approve the first resolution?
Nov 18 22:11:31 <Warofdreams>	sort of - most aim to make a large number of political points;
Nov 18 22:11:42 <KTC>	mpeel, the board approves it
Nov 18 22:11:52 <KTC>	the members of the board is already legal as per incorporation
Nov 18 22:12:12 <mpeel>	ok, thanks for the clarification
Nov 18 22:12:18 <cfp>	you're sure we're legal as members of the board not just members
Nov 18 22:12:20 <KTC>	Warofdreams & cfp, I particular like how NUS don't note any facts, so they can't be sued as its all "beliefs"
Nov 18 22:12:26 *	KTC get back on topic
Nov 18 22:12:54 <Warofdreams>	also, this is a pretty uncontroversial resolution
Nov 18 22:13:23 <Warofdreams>	no need for rounds of compositing or long explanations of our reasoning
Nov 18 22:13:50 <KTC>	will double check CH form we signed, sec
Nov 18 22:13:53 <cfp>	it might be worth waiting till andrew's around to approve it just to be on the safe side. we could always have a mid week egm just to approve it (so it would just be 10 mins)
Nov 18 22:13:54 <KTC>	i'm fairly sure tho
Nov 18 22:14:19 <cfp>	does anyone have any objections to that text as is? we could at least sort out them now
Nov 18 22:14:52 <KTC> - note it says "directors" :)
Nov 18 22:15:17 <Warofdreams>	it looks clear to me, and appears to cover all the main resolutions we've made
Nov 18 22:15:40 <cfp>	ok cool. thanks ktc.
Nov 18 22:16:06 <cfp>	so i guess we're fine to approve it then.
Nov 18 22:16:22 <KTC>	okay, assuming no one want to modify anything or add any more
Nov 18 22:16:34 <KTC>	does everyone approve the resolutions as on that page?
Nov 18 22:16:41 <Warofdreams>	I do.
Nov 18 22:16:44 <cfp>	i do
Nov 18 22:16:46 <mpeel>	yes
Nov 18 22:17:01 <KTC>	wee :) good good
Nov 18 22:17:18 <KTC>	6. Membership application ?
Nov 18 22:17:31 <KTC>	a draft form was sent round by email
Nov 18 22:18:33 <mpeel>	should I post a link to it here, or do we want it to remain internal until it's finalised?
Nov 18 22:19:14 <KTC>	just post it here if you want, make it easier
Nov 18 22:19:26 <cfp>	i think few enough people read the irc logs that you're probably safe to post it here
Nov 18 22:19:33 <mpeel>
Nov 18 22:19:45 <Warofdreams>	I have a few comments.
Nov 18 22:19:58 <Warofdreams>	Firstly, many thanks for drawing it up; it looks good.
Nov 18 22:20:24 *	Seddon has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 22:20:44 <Warofdreams>	I think that we should rearrange some of the text, keeping the first and fourth paragraphs (which are general information) at the top
Nov 18 22:21:12 <cfp>	yeah, thanks for drawing it up, it looks good
Nov 18 22:21:29 <Warofdreams>	and moving the second and third paragraphs (which are more things that the member is signing up to), to just above the space for a signature
Nov 18 22:22:12 <cfp>	i'm not sure about your proposed rearrangement. i think it's right that the legal responsibilities come fairly early
Nov 18 22:22:48 <mpeel>	so long as the paragraphs come above the signature, I'm happy either way.
Nov 18 22:23:13 <KTC>	i'm happy with it as it is atm
Nov 18 22:23:17 <cfp>	personally i think it's good as is
Nov 18 22:23:33 <Warofdreams>	I'm concerned that people are less likely to read and carefully consider a longer block of text, whereas they are likely to take particular account of what they are signing up to if it is immediately above where they are signing
Nov 18 22:24:00 <cfp>	but the short sentence above the signature block refers back to the main body.
Nov 18 22:24:21 <cfp>	i read "legal responsibilities" and think ack! what am i signing up to! i better read it all more carefully
Nov 18 22:24:39 <Warofdreams>	I could live with it as it is, this is just based on my experience of creating similar forms
Nov 18 22:24:55 <Warofdreams>	two other thoughts:
Nov 18 22:25:05 <KTC>	go for it
Nov 18 22:25:05 <cfp>	ok well i don't really care a great deal either way. i'm happy to let mike decide.
Nov 18 22:25:28 <Warofdreams>	1) should we put something more positively about donations - perhaps a sentence about how useful they would be?
Nov 18 22:26:16 <Warofdreams>	2) should we add a hyperlink to the MoA?  I realise people will be printing this off, but it might help them check what they should have read!
Nov 18 22:26:24 <Warofdreams>	oh - and - 3)
Nov 18 22:26:28 <cfp>	ahh that is a good idea. and perhaps saying what the donations might be spent on
Nov 18 22:26:44 <cfp>	2) also sensible.
Nov 18 22:26:56 <Warofdreams>	are you happy to have your address on the form, or should we set up a PO Box?
Nov 18 22:27:13 <mpeel>	I'm not keen on #2 - the hyperlink would either be non-obvious, or would stick out like a sore thumb once printed.
Nov 18 22:27:27 <mpeel>	this document would be linked to from a webpage that would link to the MoA etc. anyhow.
Nov 18 22:27:37 <Warofdreams>	the danger is that when someone else take your role, or you move, we miss applications from people who haven't printed off the latest version
Nov 18 22:27:40 <cfp>	well compromise: just make MoA in the pdf a hyperlink to the page
Nov 18 22:28:00 <cfp>	so people can at least check it out before printing the form
Nov 18 22:28:06 <KTC>	Warofdreams, PO Box have to be set up in a particular area anyway
Nov 18 22:28:23 <Warofdreams>	yes.  But still easier for someone else to check.
Nov 18 22:28:38 <mpeel>	I'm fine with my address being on the document, but I probably won't be living at the same address after next September.
Nov 18 22:29:37 <KTC>	are you happy to forward any mail you might receive if/once you step down
Nov 18 22:29:46 <mpeel>	yes
Nov 18 22:29:51 <KTC>	and make sure you get mail forwarding if/when you move
Nov 18 22:30:12 <mpeel>	I'll do my best with that.
Nov 18 22:30:43 <cfp>	tbh a post box doesn't help massively with either of those problems.
Nov 18 22:31:51 <KTC>	yeah
Nov 18 22:31:56 <KTC>	are we happy otherwise?
Nov 18 22:32:12 <Warofdreams>	yes
Nov 18 22:32:23 <mpeel>	Warofdreams, do you want to suggest a positive sentence about donations?
Nov 18 22:32:23 <cfp>	yup.
Nov 18 22:32:46 <mpeel>	updated version with link at BTW
Nov 18 22:33:46 <Warofdreams>	something like "Donations will help the organisation to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge" (that's just taken from our objectives)
Nov 18 22:33:51 <mpeel>	I've not rearranged the paragraphs, as that seemed to be the conclusion from the above discussion...
Nov 18 22:35:05 <Warofdreams>	one minor typographical thing: could you alter the first paragraph so that no words are split between lines?
Nov 18 22:35:35 <mpeel>	already done in the updated version, I think...
Nov 18 22:35:36 <KTC>	it's not anymore
Nov 18 22:35:42 <cfp>	ooh actually: how are we going to take people's donations if their application for membership was unsuccessful
Nov 18 22:35:49 <cfp>	if they're only writing one cheque
Nov 18 22:35:57 <KTC>	we can write one back....
Nov 18 22:36:01 <KTC>	but good point
Nov 18 22:36:02 <Warofdreams>	"If you are able to make a donation, it will be used to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge"
Nov 18 22:36:46 <cfp>	perhaps it'd just be easier to say that we won't take donations from people who we reject
Nov 18 22:36:54 <cfp>	given we won't be rejecting anyone anyway
Nov 18 22:37:01 <mpeel>	"If you are able to make a donation, it will be used to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge freely to the world at large"?
Nov 18 22:37:10 <cfp>	and no one would want to donate to a charity that rejected them as a member
Nov 18 22:37:16 <mpeel>	shall I just remove ", and will not be refunded if your application is unsuccessful"?
Nov 18 22:37:20 <Warofdreams>	yes, I prefer your version, mpeel
Nov 18 22:37:22 <cfp>	yeah that'd do.
Nov 18 22:37:32 <KTC>	*nod*
Nov 18 22:37:53 <cfp>	can we make the donation statement less legalesey.
Nov 18 22:37:54 <cfp>	e.g.:
Nov 18 22:38:24 <mpeel>
Nov 18 22:38:27 <cfp>	"If you are able to make a donation it will be used to aid us in sharing knowledge with the world."
Nov 18 22:39:01 <cfp>	or "If you are able to make a donation it will be used to help share the world's knowledge."
Nov 18 22:39:29 <mpeel>	I like the second, possibly with "with everyone, everywhere" added to the end.
Nov 18 22:39:57 <cfp>	sure. that's good.
Nov 18 22:40:54 <mpeel>
Nov 18 22:41:38 <KTC>	hmm i had something
Nov 18 22:41:48 <mpeel>	BTW, the intention would be to revise the application form with proper "Wikimedia UK" branding once we get chapter approval...
Nov 18 22:42:18 <KTC>	do we want the parent / guardian to print their name as well, so we know the name of the person who signed it?
Nov 18 22:42:44 <cfp>	subject to ktc's suggested change i'm happy with it. it'd be good if you shoved the plain text on wiki somewhere when you get the chance.
Nov 18 22:43:25 <mpeel>	what's the standard phrasing for that?
Nov 18 22:43:47 <KTC>	me or cfp?
Nov 18 22:43:51 <cfp>	isn't it just "Print name:"
Nov 18 22:43:54 <mpeel>	anyone
Nov 18 22:44:31 <KTC>	yeah, you can just have print name: ..... signature: ..... date: .....
Nov 18 22:46:16 <mpeel>
Nov 18 22:46:37 <mpeel>	will put the text on meta later.
Nov 18 22:46:57 <KTC>	when are we stating to invite application for membership? 
Nov 18 22:47:04 <KTC>	we said tomorrow last week
Nov 18 22:47:16 <KTC>	noting that we won't actually accept anyone until we had a bank account
Nov 18 22:47:16 <mpeel>	tomorrow?
Nov 18 22:48:06 <cfp>	the print name box is longer than the signature one, they should probably be the same size or the other way round. (don't bother sending round a correction with that though)
Nov 18 22:48:25 <cfp>	tomorrow's good
Nov 18 22:48:30 <mpeel>	I figured that most people's signatures are shorter than their names
Nov 18 22:48:56 <cfp>	are they? mine's probably longer. maybe i'm the oddity
Nov 18 22:49:05 <KTC>	i wouldn't worry too much about it unless we start getting a lot that doesn't fit
Nov 18 22:49:15 <mpeel>	mine's shorter - I only use my initials, not my full name.
Nov 18 22:49:37 <KTC>	i don't know about mine, one is in english, the other in chinese :D
Nov 18 22:49:45 *	Seddon (i=83fb8d75@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikimedia-uk-board
Nov 18 22:50:05 <mpeel>	ok, so tomorrow, then?
Nov 18 22:50:10 <KTC>	*nod*
Nov 18 22:50:33 <Warofdreams>	great
Nov 18 22:50:39 <mpeel>	where shall I put the form? Shall I host it on my domain for a bit?
Nov 18 22:50:52 <mpeel>	or should it be uploaded to meta?
Nov 18 22:50:59 <mpeel>	(under the GFDL)
Nov 18 22:51:06 <cfp>	meta i'd say.
Nov 18 22:51:18 <KTC>	i think meta take pdf, so ok
Nov 18 22:51:48 <mpeel>	meta do take pdf, but they only take GFDL-licensed material.
Nov 18 22:52:07 <mpeel>	which is fine with me if that's generally acceptable.
Nov 18 22:52:22 <cfp>	i don't see any reason we couldn't gfdl it
Nov 18 22:52:55 <Warofdreams>	agreed.  If anyone wants to modify it, they can, but we'll just have the one version which is accepted
Nov 18 22:53:02 <mpeel>	ok
Nov 18 22:53:26 <KTC>	can / shall we move on?
Nov 18 22:53:32 <mpeel>	please put an action on me to upload it, then, and send around an email to the list to start inviting membership.
Nov 18 22:53:53 <mpeel>	or do we want that to be kept for the newletter?
Nov 18 22:54:12 <KTC>	note it in the newsletter, but have a seperate email i say
Nov 18 22:54:15 <KTC>	stand out more
Nov 18 22:54:20 <Warofdreams>	yes, I agree
Nov 18 22:54:23 <cfp>	yup i agree.
Nov 18 22:54:25 <mpeel>	ok
Nov 18 22:54:27 <mpeel>	let's move on
Nov 18 22:54:28 <KTC>	and messages to everyone who have expressed an interest on meta?
Nov 18 22:54:49 <KTC>	7. Treasurers Report. cfp?
Nov 18 22:54:54 <cfp>	treasurer's report. expenses will be around £130
Nov 18 22:54:58 <mpeel>	KTC: ok
Nov 18 22:55:01 <cfp>	i'll know when i have the final claim later today
Nov 18 22:55:09 <KTC>	i emailed you btw
Nov 18 22:55:12 <cfp>	everything else has already been discussed
Nov 18 22:55:16 <cfp>	yeah i saw yours, thanks ktc
Nov 18 22:55:41 <KTC>	no question from other people? 8. Secretary's Report -
Nov 18 22:56:17 <KTC>	i don't think there's anything to be said on those atm seeing andrew isn't here
Nov 18 22:56:24 <KTC>	9. Timetable Review ?
Nov 18 22:56:34 <Warofdreams>	he still has it marked as a draft, so prob best to leave for next week
Nov 18 22:56:56 <cfp>	seems like he's been working hard. the minutes should note our thanks.
Nov 18 22:57:03 <KTC>	*nod*
Nov 18 22:57:15 <Warofdreams>	ok, will note.
Nov 18 22:57:15 <mpeel>	"Conclude negotiations with ChapCom" - done?
Nov 18 22:57:20 <Warofdreams>	yes!
Nov 18 22:57:27 <KTC>	on timetable, the "Conclude negotiations with WMF, sign contract" might need revision...
Nov 18 22:57:36 <KTC>	seeing when the next wmf board meeting is
Nov 18 22:57:57 <cfp>	true, but it needn't disrupt anything else
Nov 18 22:58:10 <Warofdreams>	yes, shall we move it to 11 January as best guess?
Nov 18 22:58:21 <KTC>	yes and no
Nov 18 22:58:24 <mpeel>	we won't be signing a contract on 11 january...
Nov 18 22:58:28 <KTC>	that
Nov 18 22:58:31 <KTC>	was my point
Nov 18 22:58:34 <mpeel>	sorry
Nov 18 22:58:47 <KTC>	it's okay :D
Nov 18 22:59:01 <Warofdreams>	how long will it take to sign a contract?
Nov 18 22:59:05 <KTC>	we hope to be recongized as Chapter then
Nov 18 22:59:14 <KTC>	i have no idea
Nov 18 22:59:32 <cfp>	give it a week
Nov 18 22:59:33 <mpeel>	presumably the WMF has to sign it, post it to us, we sign it, and post it back...
Nov 18 22:59:34 <Warofdreams>	presumably, provided they recognise us, and if we're using the standard text (or the Foundation approve whatever variation we're after)
Nov 18 22:59:40 <KTC>	they give a new chapter temporary permission to use the wikimedia trademark pending signing of chapters agreement
Nov 18 23:00:01 <KTC>	but they don't say how long that signing take
Nov 18 23:00:06 <cfp>	it needn't affect the agm either, so i don't think it's worth worrying about
Nov 18 23:00:19 <cfp>	it's going to happen, we have a fairly strong informal guarantee
Nov 18 23:00:27 <cfp>	now it's basically out of our control
Nov 18 23:00:31 <Warofdreams>	it might be convenient to sign it at the AGM, if we hold it around 18th Jan
Nov 18 23:00:41 <mpeel>	not sure "guarantee" is the right word there...
Nov 18 23:01:06 <cfp>	pencil it in for the 18th then.
Nov 18 23:01:15 <cfp>	AOB?
Nov 18 23:01:28 <mpeel>	do we want to revise any other dates, e.g. start of bank account opening?
Nov 18 23:01:41 <KTC>	we've started the process via filling forms
Nov 18 23:01:45 <KTC>	we can just green it
Nov 18 23:02:11 <KTC>	it's the finish opening an account that most people care about
Nov 18 23:02:20 <cfp>	yeah. these things are firmly in progress. i'll aim to have them sent off by the next meeting, subject to arrangements with andrew
Nov 18 23:02:36 <mpeel>	ok, it's been greened.
Nov 18 23:03:14 <KTC>	AOCB?
Nov 18 23:03:18 <cfp>	i have one
Nov 18 23:03:22 <KTC>	i'm sure i had something, but i can't remember now
Nov 18 23:03:27 <mpeel>	I forgot to mention one thing under the newsletter...
Nov 18 23:03:34 <mpeel>	Was anyone here at the last wikimeet in London? Tango42 put in a line at the bottom of the newsletter asking if that could be summarized.
Nov 18 23:03:44 <KTC>	nope :(
Nov 18 23:03:51 <Warofdreams>	no
Nov 18 23:03:58 <cfp>	i wasn't there. why don't you ask him to do it if he was there? or gordon joly?
Nov 18 23:04:42 <KTC>	cfp, what was your?
Nov 18 23:04:50 <Warofdreams>	if we're going to have it, we need it by tomorrow evening.
Nov 18 23:05:04 <cfp>	seddon would like to do some work on the wikimania bid, and thus has the following request:
Nov 18 23:05:13 <KTC>	that was it! wikimania
Nov 18 23:05:20 <KTC>	how's the bid coming along?
Nov 18 23:05:20 <cfp>	<Seddon> i would like to seek permission from the board at sometime in the future so that i can use the company name in any correspondence, if it is possible
Nov 18 23:05:20 <cfp>	<cfp> i'll raise it in AOB.
Nov 18 23:05:20 <cfp>	<cfp> the permission to say "on behalf of Wiki UK Limited"
Nov 18 23:05:42 *	ChanServ gives voice to Seddon
Nov 18 23:05:55 <cfp>	is everyone ok with seddon saying on behalf of wiki uk limitied in emails about wikimania?
Nov 18 23:06:06 <KTC>	ok
Nov 18 23:06:24 <mpeel>	so long as he is not committing to anything, and is just enquiring, then that should be fine.
Nov 18 23:06:43 <mpeel>	* he/she
Nov 18 23:06:58 *	shimgray has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 23:07:05 <cfp>	ktc: those long summer months were wonderfully lazy and i had time to devote myself to it. right now, i really don't. i'm already behind with what i should be doing.
Nov 18 23:07:17 <cfp>	so i haven't done a massive amount on it of late
Nov 18 23:07:22 <cfp>	i've had a few things in the post
Nov 18 23:07:38 <cfp>	advertising venus and accommodation, but most of them were either inappropriate or overpriced
Nov 18 23:07:50 <Warofdreams>	I'm happy with the proposal made above.
Nov 18 23:08:04 <cfp>	i'll try to get down to it again over the winter vac
Nov 18 23:08:23 <Warofdreams>	I may well have some time to spend on it in January
Nov 18 23:08:38 <cfp>	cool that'd be appreciated.
Nov 18 23:08:40 <KTC>	thanks for yours and everyone elses effort btw
Nov 18 23:09:13 <KTC>	if that's it, we are done with the meeting
Nov 18 23:09:14 <cfp>	we still haven't had a report back from the comittee about the last one
Nov 18 23:09:18 <KTC>	tuesday 8:30pm next week ?
Nov 18 23:09:21 <mpeel>	one last AOCB, more a notice...
Nov 18 23:09:29 <cfp>	go on
Nov 18 23:09:32 <Warofdreams>	I'm happy with that date and time
Nov 18 23:09:37 <mpeel>	there was some discussion on foundation-l about the European Commission Green Paper - Copyright in the Knowledge Economy
Nov 18 23:09:38 <cfp>	yeah me too.
Nov 18 23:09:40 <mpeel>
Nov 18 23:09:44 <mpeel>	Not something we can do much about, due to the timing, but something that we should be aware of. Also see .
Nov 18 23:10:06 <mpeel>	that date and time's fine with me.
Nov 18 23:12:02 <cfp>	thanks then all, see you here next week.
Nov 18 23:12:05 <KTC>	we *could* write and send something as an interested company
Nov 18 23:12:07 <KTC>	but yeah
Nov 18 23:12:15 <KTC>	thanks for the meeting, next week everyone :0
Nov 18 23:12:16 <KTC>	* :)
Nov 18 23:12:42 <mpeel>	ok. Goodnight all, then.
Nov 18 23:12:45 <Warofdreams>	for the logs: it's 23:13


Nov 18 20:23:59 <KTC>	hi
Nov 18 20:24:13 <Seddon>	hey all
Nov 18 20:24:22 <mpeel>	hello
Nov 18 20:24:33 <Warofdreams>	hi
Nov 18 20:24:51 <mpeel>	KTC, could we discuss chapter status as early as possible in the meeting, whilst wknight8111 is around?
Nov 18 20:25:05 <cary>	hello
Nov 18 20:25:18 <KTC>	ok
Nov 18 20:27:01 <wknight8111>	hello
Nov 18 20:27:07 <wknight8111>	I'm still here for now
Nov 18 20:27:25 <KTC>	it's first thing on the agenda after approval of last week minutes
Nov 18 20:27:45 <mpeel>	thanks
Nov 18 20:45:41 <Seddon>	how long till the board approve
Nov 18 20:51:08 <mpeel>	until january, apparently, and hopefully.
Nov 18 20:54:45 <wknight8111>	goodnight, everybody
Nov 18 20:54:51 <KTC>	night, and thanks again
Nov 18 20:54:56 *	wknight8111 has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 20:58:01 *	shimgray suddenly realises why it is so quiet in here
Nov 18 20:58:11 <shimgray>	(I was thinking this was an awfully silent meeting)
Nov 18 20:58:16 <KTC>	:D
Nov 18 20:58:16 <mpeel>	lack of Tango42?
Nov 18 20:58:28 <KTC>	wrong channel ;)
Nov 18 20:58:29 <shimgray>	nah, misread the channel system :-)
Nov 18 20:58:34 <KTC>	#wikimedia-uk-board
Nov 18 20:58:41 <mpeel>	ah. :)
Nov 18 20:58:53 <shimgray>	just figured that one out... ah, well.
Nov 18 21:02:33 <cary>	hey shimgray !
Nov 18 21:02:57 <shimgray>	afternoon cary - loved your photographs from the march!
Nov 18 21:03:02 <cary>	\o/
Nov 18 21:04:26 <Warofdreams>	Has everyone in here signed up as a subscriber to the newsletter at ?
Nov 18 21:38:33 *	Seddon has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 21:39:00 *	Seddon (i=83fb8d75@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikimedia-uk
Nov 18 21:40:51 <Seddon>	id like to ask something
Nov 18 21:40:55 <KTC>	sure
Nov 18 21:41:23 <Seddon>	is the AGM going to be moved around the country each year to ensure over time, as many people get a chance to take part
Nov 18 21:41:54 <KTC>	where would be up to the board at that time to decide
Nov 18 21:41:58 <KTC>	but i would hope so
Nov 18 21:42:12 <KTC>	at least in the sense of moving around at least a few major cities
Nov 18 21:42:29 <Warofdreams>	I agree.  I don't think that we can really force future boards to move it around, but I'd be very disappointed if it was in London or Oxford every year
Nov 18 21:42:56 <cfp>	i think i'd support it being in birmingham every year though.
Nov 18 21:43:05 <Seddon>	given im at cardiff uni, i would certainly be able to look into holding something in the science building
Nov 18 21:43:14 <cfp>	it is roughly the population centre of the uk
Nov 18 21:43:34 <Warofdreams>	there is certainly something to be said for moving it around
Nov 18 21:43:49 <Warofdreams>	if you are in Belfast or Inverness, Birmingham is still difficult to get to
Nov 18 21:44:07 <Warofdreams>	admittedly, most places are, but a meeting in Glasgow might work well
Nov 18 21:57:08 <Majorly>	can anyone attend the AGM?
Nov 18 21:57:33 <cfp>	any member
Nov 18 21:57:56 <cfp>	not sure about non members
Nov 18 21:58:11 <Majorly>	am I a member? :/
Nov 18 21:58:30 <Seddon>	i would suggest that only if non-members are willing pay the membership fee there and then
Nov 18 21:58:51 <KTC>	Majorly, we will be accepting membership before then
Nov 18 21:58:54 <Warofdreams>	Majorly: you're not a member yet, but we'll be accepting applications soon.
Nov 18 21:59:10 <KTC>	you are of course more than welcome & encouraged to join
Nov 18 21:59:10 <Majorly>	what kind of applications are they
Nov 18 21:59:37 <Warofdreams>	Full details are at
Nov 18 22:00:19 <Majorly>	cant copy and paste link :(
Nov 18 22:02:53 <mpeel>	it's linked to in the sidebar on the WMUK2 pages.
Nov 18 22:03:20 <mpeel>	we'll hopefully be discussing the actual application form later in this meeting...
Nov 18 22:03:45 <Warofdreams>	Majorly: I've posted a link on your en.Wikipedia user talk page
Nov 18 22:03:51 <Majorly>	got it
Nov 18 22:03:55 <Majorly>	:)
Nov 18 22:20:24 *	Seddon has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 22:22:01 *	J_Milburn has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]")
Nov 18 22:49:36 *	Seddon (i=83fb8d75@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #wikimedia-uk
Nov 18 22:50:05 <Seddon>	did i miss anything important
Nov 18 22:50:15 <KTC>	we're still here :)
Nov 18 22:50:25 <mpeel>	just stuff about the membership application
Nov 18 22:50:30 <cary>	love
Nov 18 22:50:34 <KTC>	still the same point
Nov 18 22:50:39 <KTC>	as when u left 
Nov 18 22:51:34 *	cfp is slowly is drifting towards sleep...
Nov 18 22:51:52 <cfp>	the typo in that /me proves its own point
Nov 18 23:06:58 *	shimgray has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 18 23:13:10 *	Warofdreams ( has left #wikimedia-uk